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  1. Hello, On my MilitaryRP Custom Class (US Special Forces) I am missing a vehicle. I had the XA-180 APC but its been removed from Custom Classes. Am I allowed to get a different vehicle? If so could it be sim_fphys_dukes ?
  2. Maki

    Switch Maps

    shoulds intresting
  3. I approve as long as the user pays for their own access and pays for an additional weapon.
  4. You will be missed!
  5. If your buyin addons to the job you dont buy the credits you do the custom donations
  6. Thats sad... Putting false sponsers and that you would take another's application
  7. Maki

    Drone Suggestion

    Sadly just like anything else if it gets in its propeller then itll break that off. However I dont believe someone that pays $80 for the custom class + another $15 to get the drone added to the class is gonna troll to that.
  8. Maki

    Drone Suggestion

    The drone cant carry People/helis it'll just drag the drone.
  9. +Support Extremely Friendly Active On Forums/Server Knows how to deal with tough situtations Feel like hes fit for the position Good luck!