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  1. Name: Borya Steam link(be in the group): Should I do a Christmas one: Yes
  2. CaptainRice

    Borya's LOA

    I will be gone from 10/14 to 10/20 for a trip.
  3. Name: Borya Rank: LTC Concerns: Going to be loa from 10/14-10/20 due to a vacationing trip.
  4. Dang Sean you gonna leave me?
  5. Midget has been trained and whitelisted for ADF on 9/29/18. Although it was confusing/difficult to train on the current map as there has not been an update on the ADF training guide. Midget had made no major mistakes while training. I recommend he polish his skills even further as I could not go to an extent amount on the sniper training, as there is only 3 targets.
  6. Name: Borya Rank: Major Activity: 3-5 times on. Any Concerns: Loa until the 12th
  7. CaptainRice

    Borya's LOA

    I am busy with school currently while also hanging out with friends more, this is also for me being able to take a break from being on the computer for a little bit. I will be unavailable to go on the server until the 12th. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Just have good aim, I barely build but can get 12+ kill games with just aim.
  9. (In one of his posts which seems to have been deleted, he explained he had dyslexia which gives him difficulties.) +Support +Active +Good player in all aspects +Leader +Kind +Able to follow orders/directions when needed +Suitable for the spot