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  1. What is your name: Jake Donald Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:216067025 How active are you on PoliceRP: I can come on from 4-7 at least on week days and whenever I want on weekends Why do you want to join dispatcher; I would like to join the department to co-ordinate the police force an d make sure all the problems in the city are dealt with accordingly. I have been told it is fun doing this job. Also sometimes all the units go to one area and theres another problem but all the units are at the first problem so I would like to fix that and make sure there are units everywhere to deal with different problems. Also I feel that im pretty good with radio and good at multi tasking and making sure that units don't get confused if they miss something out. I would also be able to teach some of the new guys 10 codes since I know most of them and if I don't I have them on a sheet of paper right next to me. As well as managing the police around and other departments I feel that I would be good at dealing with citizen reports and making sure that the right amount of units go to the task rather than every unit on the force. Overall I think that I could bring a number of skills to the team and it would be a great place to start to eventually go into other teams since doing this job will help me understand what the other departments do and how they do it. Do you have any problems with being mature; No Do you promise to uphold the dispatcher rules and regulations; Yes Have you read the sop: Yes What rank are you in PD: Senior Patrol Officer