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  1. Name: SRT PVT Duncan 1M42 Rank: PVT LOA Time: Honestly unknown. Should start no earlier than the 12th, and end no later than the 20th. Reason: I've sold my computer to a friend that lives a few states away, and I'm shipping it off to him on either Wednesday or Thursday. I've already ordered my new parts, and I'm not sure when they will arrive due to inclement weather. I should be as active as normal from now until the 12th or 13th, but I will be completely without a computer until my parts arrive and I get time to build it.
  2. +1 on letting him do this. The player model in question has phenomenal hitboxes, even allowing shooting between the legs sometimes all the up to the crotch, and it has little to no leakage around the sides. The hitbox is probably smaller than the model itself to achieve this. Coming from another server that allowed this player model to be used for cc's, it is extremely OP, and it will most likely be used by a majority of custom classes eventually if its use continues. As Jeff said, there's already 5 total and that is much too many. I think Jeff should be allowed to keep it as he was the first one to get it, but any others should be defaulted back to VIP Thief skin until they identify a free alternative from the workshop or from an inactive custom job (as long as it fits the already-set requirements for being no extra cost).
  3. This post means a lot. Yesterday(ish) on the server, I was speaking in /ooc with some other players from the server about the addition of ARU. Although most of us agreed on the topic of conversation (whatever that may be), we were all being pretty respectful in my opinion. These opinions, however, were disliked by the SMT that were on the server. I honestly wouldn't have been that upset if it wouldn't have followed with an unwarned 25-minute mute, only being un-done when a moderator heard my voice pleas in spawn. I was beginning to the think the clicke of SMT genuinely didn't care about player opinions or enjoyment, but this post has at least helped to clear that up. Thanks, Fame.
  4. Indeed, this was me. Paid at approximately 5:15pm on 11/28/18, can verify if need-be. Can't wait to be part of the NCR Rangers
  5. Thanks to SRT command, I will make you proud!