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  1. sorry about the accident i did add a poll but it did not add so ill send another as an update! thank you for your reply. UPDATE! i have changed the poll and now its working and the officer that promoted me to CMSGT is VCMDR Smith in DB (of course) and this has been updated at [10:58 pm 11/12]
  2. What is your in-game name? My in-game name is CT (some times Cameron Taylor) What is your current rank? My current rank is CMSGT in USAF at the time this was posted on 6:51 11/12. Who would like to see you as MAJCOM? Yes, Smith and US COL DICMDR Bobby would like to see me as a MAJCOM personnel! Why should we trust you With being a MAJCOM? The reason i should be in MAJCOM is because i'm determined to make USAF a stronger branch in the US as more and more people want to join Marines, and im very good at call outs out at war and that could help a lot from my standpoint. Why do you want to be a MAJCOM? Because i want to branch out in the air force and try new things like as the soldier, corpsman, sniper and see how good there weapons and tactical advantage are in MAJCOM for the war, and it is much better to try new things. What is your timezone? My time zone is in California so im Central pacific. How often can you be on? I will be on [3:50-8:10 pm on weekdays] [9-11:00am - 12:00pm] Are you a well trained & disciplined soldier? Sir, yes sir i am a well trained soldier and have been disciplined by my amazing piers/officers in the USAF and USMP! How many warns do you have? At the moment i have 0 warns! And i'm very surprised myself! Do you have any active strikes? no , i have no active strikes at the moment. Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your teammates any way necessary? Yes! I will always help my team and peers in any way shape or form! And i will do by my duty finish the mission and never give up!