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  1. Hello folks, I'll be gone this weekend due to an out of state tournament, I will be on my laptop for the meetings. So Semi-LOA, just won't be in game this weekend.
  2. Willy

    Rook's Resignation

    It was an honor bribing people with you sir, if you'd like I can keep the tradition alive.
  3. + Support Hard working Active One of the most humble people I've met Knows the rules from the back of his head. He's the most deserving of this spot, he's worked hard for where he is
  4. Willy

    Flames LOA

    Take it easy man.
  5. Willy

    Switch Maps

    Switch it, map is very boring now.
  6. What do you guys think? Bring FIVEM Back? Vote in the poll and comment your opinions.
  7. +Support - Good Leader - Honest/Fair - Active - Hardworking
  8. If you're going with a 70ti go with i7, it's gonna last longer and perform much much better.
  9. +Support - Mature - Great Roleplayer - Active - Fair/Honest
  10. +Support Great Team Player Friendly Good person
  11. This is the VCMDR Application you must fill out if you wish to become a VCMDR in RU CORE Keep in mind, that putting effort into your application is required and applications that only look to barely pass word limits will be denied. (Was Given permission by Hannah Montana and Richard) Title: (Willy) VCMDR Application 1. In Game Name: Willy 2. RP rank : 2LT 3. How Much Time Do You Have On The Server: 3-4 days 4. Which Officers Would Like To See You As A VCMDR (2 min): Richard AWG Scoot 5. Why Do You Want To Be A VCMDR (50 words min): I would like to become VCMDR for many reasons. I would like to help RU CORE grow and help them into every battle. It would be an honor to be overlooking the most powerful army in the world by maintaining trainings, Weekly meetings, PT and many debriefs to come. I as well love to manage people and give them advice that could make them a better person in game so they can advance in ranks later. Before this server, I was a SR Director at a FIVEM server with 1,100 people. It was an amazing experience managing that mass amount of people. I learned a massive amount from that experience and I hope to transfer my knowledge of management/leadership here to help RU grow. I would like to help Scoot out with the phenomenal job he has done with the RU core and I expect myself to put in the same amount of effort Scoot has with this Army. I as well want to help/guide people through RU Core and make their experience that much better. 6. What Have You Done To Be Trusted As A VCMDR (this is a promoter rank, 60 words min): I have been on the server countless hours from Morning to Night helping people with trainings, leading a squad and leading trainings. I as well have donated to the server and I value items that I have spent money on so I would only help the server and I would never hurt the server. I as well held some debriefs already and like I've said I was a SR DIR at a FIVEM server with 1,100 people. They trusted me with their console, Website management, Rosters, Owner Perms, Resourced cars, Skinned cars. I was a very trustworthy man and I always kept my word with something that needed to be done. That's why I got the rank I got in that community, I eventually left due to the Owner doing some questionable things to other people. In all, I have been given enormous amount of trust in other servers, hopefully I'm gaining a great reputation here and building a good bond with you guys in RU Core. I am here for the long haul and I don't plan leaving any time soon, you guys are one of the strongest communities I've been in. 7. What Is Your Timezone: Central Time 8. How Active Can You Be: Gaming Light is the game I play everyday, as John knows, I'm doing good in school and I don't ever study and still pull those B+ and A's. So once I get home which is around 2:30pm, I play until 10 pm everyday. So I'll be active M-F easily and Weekends, I will be active the entire day in the server from Morning to Midnight. 9. How Many Warns Do You Have (Check by typing !warns in game): 0 10. How Many Strikes Do You Have (If so what for?): 0 11. Are you active in the Teamspeak? (Required): Yes, The first thing I do once I turn on my computer is turn on ts and join the proper channel. 12. Are You Capable Of Leading DB And Keeping Troops In Line (You will be expected to do this): Easily, I have great communication skills with people and I can make meaningful conversations. I am currently in Debate/Speech so I understand how to get on with speeches and know what context to put into a speech during DB. I as well held many Staff Meetings when I was Director at a FIVEM community with 1,100. I would hold meetings weekly with 20-30 people and sometimes 60-70. 13. Any Other Notes: I want to thank Scoot, John, Richard and AWG for this opportunity. Its a once in a life time and I hope for the best!