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  1. While I have no problem with you becoming a general down the line, I think leaving the 212th the moment it is starting to shine again could easily result in it once again plummeting in popularity. If you do leave it, make sure it has solid and active players as its BXO and high ranking officers. Too many people become a commander, recruit ten or so people, and then jump ship thinking that's all a battalion needs to stay alive.
  2. I have literally no idea how you could even begin to confuse that with an "attack". Omega said that Darth shouldn't respond to his own application and I responded by explaining that Darth was just answering a question.
  3. Someone asked him a question. He wasn't supporting himself, he was responding to someone.
  4. He was BXO Hammer, but recently became BCO Blitz. If you are gonna argue against someone, at least know what you are talking about.
  5. skcoS

    Regimental Medic's

    With the current state of the 74th, the server would be better off having regimental medics that respond directly to the Chief Medical Officer and his Medical Officers. This would be similar to how regimental ARC report directly to Commanders Colt, Blitz, Havoc, and Hammer.
  6. Because allowing staff to punish without evidence totally doesn't encourage them to abuse their powers and status.
  7. Typically members of staff take screenshots of logs to prove they aren't abusing their position.
  8. He has a habit of RDMing people he disagrees with. I'm going have to give a vote of no confidence on this one.
  9. Without directly assigning any blame, I think we can all agree that most events at this point in time feel repetitive and uninspired. After speaking with Cooper at length regarding ideas for future events and how the way things are currently done could be improved upon, I can say with upmost certainty that Cooper would be a valuable addition to the GM team. He has original ideas and the drive to put them into action.