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  1. Day 1 Answers Forgot what i put Day 2 Answers Colt and Havoc were killed during battle of kamino Tyranus (Count Dooku) is Qui Gon Jinn's Master Assajj Ventress is dooku's Assassins Day 3 Answers
  2. MEGA +support -Active -Funny -Serious Rp Big Egg
  3. New Event Maps Some fun and great maps for rp/events that could be great for our local CWRP community Ryloth Same Creater as the mygeeto map, his maps are well made for events and Ryloth has been in many clone wars episodes and is a key system which should be added for our RP. Rhen Var Also same Creater if he other maps and is good for rp - Such as us invading the CIS Base that we found after crashing on if heir CIS ship by our Venator. Lower Level Coruscant this map could be used for hunting a known criminal that has hidden in the lower levels. Great designs
  4. +Support Nice seriousRp Great Leader and a Great Friend OverAll he is amazing at what he does GoodLuck
  5. Answers will be revealed at 4:30 EST GAIN POINTS BY PLAYING EVERYDAY Scores will reset every week or after the 7th Quiz EVERY CONTESTANT WILL HAVE THEIR NAME BELOW WITH THEIR POINT Day 1-3 Scores 1 Points - Logan, Timmemes, Stormzz, Syrup 2 Points - Plague doctor, Jano, Medical Chief Kade , Eman, Hoovey, The Brocenary, Ruthless, Jet Hazard, Doomsday, 3 Points - , Lex Phantom, Krimson, -unknown- 4 Points - Blungi, campbell 5 Points - Apollo, Omegarwp, 6 Points - 7 Points - Invaliff, 8 Points - 9 Points - GuyScience, Borith 10 Points - 11 Points - 12 Points - 13 Points - 14 Points - 15 Points - 16 Points - 17 Points - 18 Points - 21 Points -
  6. But Bravo is my dad, so does that mean grandma?? anyway goodbye big boy bravo, thanks for being their for the people;Me,Omega,Campbell,Nova,Stormz, Logan ,toaster, spoodes,NotCortez,Invaliff,ruthless,Grey, Borith, Hotshot,Igneous,Soul, and etc
  7. China

    Nor's resignation

    Goodbye BB, that’s for having me in events /Me gives Nor Special Fruit Snacks /roll has rolled a 100. will miss u -China
  8. ----------ACCEPTED------------- Talk to an CMDR+ for BXO Training From -Rancor Commander Blitz
  9. +Support Great Voice Has the talent for it Great Rp player -China < 3
  10. +Support great at following orders Great Loyalty Great Leading Overall Great and amazing at everything
  11. +support Will Miss you Lets Play more Fortnite b Great To server with you Always their for the people Fun -China Fruit Snack Company
  12. +Support GoodLuck B Will miss you Free Fruit Snacks coming your way Reborn best CSGO IGL agaisnt spencer