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  1. uhm i forgot it was like a month ago i can check my warns 1 sec yeah i cant find it
  2. indeed then i was kicked out for killing one
  3. couse i came back as fbi and they kicked me outa my own base then shot me so i shot back
  4. i was a deffandet rp as vice prez
  5. i was corrupted vice prez not FBI
  6. deltaorange


    hi im drank im super intrested in joining dispathcher but i dont have a mic. woukd that be a problem?
  7. Name: drank Rank:para Status on Roster: active What are you thankful for: letting me be ems
  8. WELL SHIT im not getting back on couse i suffer from memorie loss
  9. probaly 2-3 days and always has and always will be drank so since i dont know who did it im doomed
  10. i was a citezen roleplaying as vice prez and another guy roleplaying as a goverment hired hit man what your missing is the word ROLEPLAY dont exactly remember
  11. Drank previosly FBI SA black list was not following orders and killing another gov. ok so were do i start. ok i had a base to protect the prez i was vice prez at the time then (outa rp we hired a hit man to kill the bad men) i was aretsed for giving him a hit witch i thought was stupid cause he was role-playing as a government hitman uhm so then i switch to fbi couse i was kicked of vice prez the guys said i couldnt come in TO MY OWN BASE they told me to leave then we were arguing couse it was my base and all that uhm yeah then they started shooting so i shot back and killed a guy. i whant to be witelisted cause i have lota fun on FBI and spent money for it and i realy miss all the good times as fbi . i would be perfect;y fine if i had to do training and start as a PA just please consider letting me back in . sincerly your old friend Drank
  12. hi killer flasey wanred me on acendent ok bye bye
  13. SA DRANK KGB122 snr freestone is a great help and a good officer he follows all traffic laws and helps out alot i would like to recommend him for a promotion. sincerely drank