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  1. IG Name: Liam Tidy Link to Steam Account: How many warnings do you have: 1 What departments are you in and what rank: Police Department Why do you want to be EMS(150 Words Minimum): I want to be in EMS as I find the need to be saving lives, it is my aspiration and I don't wanna keep it as a dream. Personally IRL I do have alot of medical experience as a lifeguard, certified first aider, I have a lot of knowledge and I feel I will be of great help in terms of how I roleplay situations out. I feel that the EMS needs someone to bring out the proper roleplay instead of the boring arriving on scene and just reviving everyone and then disappearing to another place to do the same. There is no point for EMS if that's all that this department does, I can provide and am confident i will bring great roleplay and immersion to this department hopefully making this department be very serious instead of what others classify as "Minge department" or "A department that breaks rules". Ensuring that all patients get brought to the hospital and those that are classified as dead should be classified as dead and not be arrested or carry on shooting when they get revived.
  2. Dispatcher Application Format What is your name: Liam Tidy Steam ID: The_Lengend_27 How active are you on PoliceRP: At least 20 hours a week Why do you want to join dispatcher; I would like to join dispatch to help fix the current issue I see with responding to calls. What I mean by that is some people ignore certain calls like panics, and some people respond to calls they should not be going to. I have also seen an issue with priority calls being completely ignored like Officer panic buttons. I believe since I have been on PoliceRP for over 10 months I could help with this situation. I would also like to help organize department responses when multiple calls are active. For example having SWAT and SRT respond to a bank raid, while PD deals with a pursuit. Do you have any problems with being mature; No I am very mature Do you promise to uphold the dispatcher rules and regulations; Yes Have you read the sop: Yes What rank are you in PD: SNR
  3. I want to be ems because I would like to serve and help my community to make a meaningful differance. Being apart of the ems team you get to make life long friends and you get to be apart of a team for life. Not every day is the same thats why is want to become EMS PS I know its NOT 150 Words