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  1. Name: Annie SteamID (PROVIDE THIS, "STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXXX"): STEAM_0:0:89813259 Status on forums (Active or Inactive): Active Can you attend the weekly meetings?: Yes. This may change as I will be on call for work.
  2. November Roll Call Name: Annie Rank: Recruit Status on Roster: Active (still need training) What are you thankful for: For my fellow fire department volunteers and all of our first responders and soldiers across the world. Without them, we would all be in absolute chaos.
  3. + Support Love this idea and would encourage more users to be active on the forums (like everyone else has said). Would create a little competition
  4. + Support Great idea. Would save me so much time.
  5. -support it is not needed. Some things are best said by other people and by quoting it, you are simply supporting exactly what they said.
  6. IG Name: Annie Link to Steam Account: STEAM_0:0:89813259 How many warnings do you have: 0 What departments are you in and what rank: PD LCPL, NSA Recruit (awaiting training) Why do you want to be EMS(150 Words Minimum): I want to be in EMS because it is one of the most crucial aspects to RPing on this server. EMS is consistently busy, and I would love to be a part of a team where calls are always rolling in. I have always respected the players that are on EMS because they must run all over the city to revive players. They receive a lot of flak and that can be stressful. I would also like to be a part of this department because we get to work hand and hand with the local law enforcement agencies. Having been a trooper, and as a cop I know how vital it is to have EMS on standby. I know I will get along with players in this department because I am a mature and kind person. I also work as a volunteer firefighter and have been certified as an EMT in the past. I look forward to working with this department.
  7. This was definitely needed. it will provide a great resource for new and veteran officers.
  8. Best of luck to your brother! Look forward to seeing you on staff/pd/srt/etc.
  9. +Support + I think that the players who care about the server and want to see it continue to develop would be interested in attending + PTS is a great idea + I like the idea of getting the whole community involved - That way all roles (LEOs, criminals, etc) get the opportunity to voice their opinion
  10. +/- Support + An appeal system should be set up + I agree that people do change behavior - The time frame is too short (I would support a time frame of 6 months - 1 year) If approved a limit of removals should be set (i.e one appeal grants removal of 2 warns per 6-month - 1-year time frame).
  11. Read and understood
  12. No explanation at this time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your organization. I wish you all the best.
  13. I have no reasonable explanation at this time. Thank you for the opportunity to be in state. I enjoyed spending time on the server.