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  1. Name: Behemoth Rank: CPT Aproximent date of promotion: 2 days ago How active can you be: Around 1-6 hours a day Any side note(s)?: whoopie i got EM
  2. Name: Godfather Rank: SSGT Last time on: 3 weeks ago I think How active are you: About to be somewhat active If you are on LOA or inactive why: I was but I am no longer on LOA
  3. So recently I've moved to South Carolina and enjoying my time down here. But my schedule has changed, so I'll be online alot less compared to normal. I've also been playing alot of BO4 and MHW on PS4 with some friends of mine. There's just been alot of stuff going on. Now for regimental and staff matters: 74th: Bread says that the regiment is getting removed. In that case, I'll see if I can be a medic in some other form. Update: Becoming medic in 501st and hopefully medical lead 104th: I requested to be removed as a lore character in role call, so hopefully I'll be filled in on what's going to happen later on. 5th Fleet: Godfather will stay around. Staff: Yes, I know I missed the staff meets. Sorry about that. But anyway, I'll stay in staff unless I've been already removed by someone. I thank you all for understanding and reading this post, Dankey out.
  4. I know im meant to be on LOA butttt +support -Lorekeeper -Willing to learn ULX -Has been here for a while, active member -Pretty chill guy in both ingame and out of game In my opinion, would be a great addition to the GM team! Good luck
  5. Name: Comet Rank: PFC or LCPL idk Any Changes you would like to see: Remove me from the battalion, I'm inactive and taking up a lore character spot (so I can maybe join another battalion or keep a CT life for later)
  6. In-Game Name: 74th CPT Stardust (used to be 74th behemoth but got pked) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:155925223 Rank: Mod Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 1 - 3 (maximum) weeks Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Moving to South Carolina, will be able to use discord on phone occasionally
  7. goodbye nor i barely knew you but was a good person anyway
  8. Dankey Kang


    its ok guar take as long as you need to rest
  9. +support I've had nothing but good experiences with igneous One of them include shooting me but i have nothing to say considering everyone has already said what i was going to say
  10. i just made a post on this nerd
  11. so rn im level 24 and i should have 12 skill points to use up right but i only have 10 oof
  12. Top 10 anime battles