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  1. +support Isnt there a way to announce to the whole server? That way not everyone would have to be in the same place and we can announce it like a week ahead so everybody that wants to hear can be there
  2. My GPU has been failing recently so I was trying to extend it as long as I could but I think it's done now RIP me
  3. yoshihino

    Jimmy James LOA

    Name: Jimmy James Rank:SSA LOA Time:possibly a week will post again if longer Reason: my GPU needs replaced I ordered a new one but I is it doesn't work I will need to do more work hopefully I can get back soon
  4. ah just got it im dumb was messing with graphics cards so i messed with settings thanks jeff
  5. Hey so I joined gaminglight back in September but have neglected to put an intro in so a little bit about me. My actual name is Devin, no idea where jimmy James came from lol. I'm 24 and currently a working as a nurse in NNebraska.i dont know the rules on avatars but pictured is me and my fiancee. You can see me on police rp primary on FBI.
  6. although ive only met you a few times i know your dedication to this community and i know you will be missed. i hope you get all the help and support you can get and i wish you the best mental health sucks and you take your time getting better. best of luck to you injoker
  7. yoshihino

    EMS Tactical Team

    lol the most useless powerhouses in rockford
  8. lol i know just wanted to add in some late support
  9. +huge support great leader always helpful and friendly very knowledgeable of the department i see its approved but i wanted to show my support for andrew in my last couple months in the force andrew has been a huge asset to my knowledge and understanding of the department. He has always held trainings that have been not only well thought out but a good learning experience. FBI SSA Jimmy James
  10. yoshihino

    Serious Rp

    i agree i would like serious rp but i dont think it would last and as quoted we could lose a lot of members
  11. yoshihino

    Please Read

    i wish it was more like this but people for some reason dont like to rp out a simple traffic stop i guess because "its just a game" mentality