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  1. Lil pump4663

    False Warn

    - support do you have proof he was stealing it and need Phil side
  2. When did i call you rude i said it rude to call someone a minge but i never said you were rude! Pls pm if you still want to talk about but i don’t want to fight in his app
  3. Army guy calling someone a minge who is not is pretty rude i disagree i Think ruinz is a great admin and is ready for sa
  4. No it when you die and then you can switch job so say you were pd you switch to bank theif or what ever and wait for ems and you can keep all the pd stuff
  5. Yeah you can get taser and stuff it bad i
  6. So when ems is on you can die and switch jobs and still keep everything from the class
  7. - support high warns never in ts and i feel like you should get more active in the forums then i will + support
  8. - support was more then 3 months