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  1. -support You just got denied for tmod Haven't seen you active enough Not ready Wait 2 weeks
  2. Not you man I will miss you
  3. Blue_

    Nor's resignation

    I see I am not in this nor love you man
  4. Blue_

    Alphas Tmod app

    I is your in-game name?: Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi What is your steam name?: Alpha What is your steam ID?: steam_0:1:158575448 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) I was a GM on the server I know all the the commands. I know my way around ulx very well. I almost every command What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) about 1 month almost 2 I started playing back in September What date did you make your forums account? September 15th 2018 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? Grandmaster How many warns do you have on the server? One for rdm which o dont rember but I have a warn Have you donated? Yes to grandmaster What rank are you applying for? Tmod Have you read the staff guidelines at Yes You will be tested on it: Timezone: MST Permission (Admin+ need this): Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I have been a dedicated member of the server and the community. I believe I've proven myself Worthy of trust. I you like him trust in among the server. I feel like I could help out with dealing all of the Minges . I feel like I could help out in some ways more than others. I am young yes but I feel like I am mature enough to take this responsibility into my own hands. I will try my best to help out the server by making it enjoyable for people. I will always be online almost every day. I am already active but if I get accepted I will be even more active. I love helping people. I hate people who come on the server just to annoy people and ruin their experience. I feel like I would be a great T mod for the server. I would always be fair and reasonable in my sits. If it was my friend I would not be biased in any way. I feel like I do my job well and I could prove myself to you guys. I am always on and I witness a lot of things that I wish I could help with but I can't but I can with the powers of a T mod. I feel like I will be the most helpful as a team on and not answered you that is why I am applying for a T mod. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? I I would gag them jail them and worn on for Mass RDM or name for staff disrespect kick him for no intent to RP. And if he joins back I would Anti minge them for 10000 seconds Disclaimer Eman said i could apply
  5. Attempts To Track location of message /me Cracks code .me rolls 100
  6. +support We need a CT commander Knows how to take charge Has been in high command multiple times Trusted around the community
  7. -Support -The Application Looks rushed -Not much detail -I Dont think your ready for a staff position -Has potential just needs work -Has room for improvement but every one does -Not Active on forms
  8. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi /alpha 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to help this Battalion grow. And I believe I could do that with the powers of Rex. And I know a lot of liver about Rex how he acts and I know he wasn't really the commander when he was a captain and he was in charge of the 501st . He was very serious about his job I feel like I would be serious too. If I was to get Rex I would to roll calls. PT weekly and get the 5 0 1st to become the Battalion it was in lore. I would host tryouts daily. And be and I'd be sure to exterminate any Minges in my battalion. I would whip that Fivel first into shape and a battalion that people want to join and people look up to in combat for help. And I want to be Rex because I want to help and I want to be a bigger part of this community 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? To take lead and be there for the troops. They look up to you for commands and what to do. You will be the communicator of your Battalion. You are to be in charge at all times and be serious on your troops and make sure you're telling the truth all the time. We are to be there first and be a role model for the rest of your troops and be there when they need you. To be the commander of this battalion I think I am fit  7. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : because I was previously a second lieutenant in 187th I think I know what to do. I am and a high position of Jedi so I know how to take command. I feel like I'm interested on the server. I wouldn't let you down and I wouldn't let my troops down. I would always be online on the server I'm active I've only taken one OA the five weeks I've been on the server. I Believe I Can Be Active very much and be there to be in charge of my battalion. And I would take this High command spot seriously and plus 500 first is in my dream they're my favorite Battalion and I believe I could make this battalion better than what it is. Which would be hard but I feel like I'm up for the task. 8. How often can you be Online? :  2-3 hours on weekdays on weekends 8 to 12 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : no warnings