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  1. Oh ok I'm just gonna keep it up anyways to see if people want me as a 2lt
  2. 1. What is your name and 4 numbers? (the name and numbers you'll be using for your life as 2lt) 212th ARC CSM Nova 7777 2. What is the total time you've spent on the server? 2 days 3. Why do you want to be a 2lt in the 212th? I want to be a 2LT because this rank can show that I have potential to be a good officer and possibly a commander. I also want to be a 2LT so I can lead my troops into battle without fear and be able to help back them up when they are in need. 4. What can you bring to the table that other applicants don't? I can bring great leadership skills and strictness when needed and overall the great trooper that I am. 5. Why should you be trusted over other applicants? I can be trusted because no other officer can show what I have, I have strictness and when I think somebody should not be doing what they are doing I will tell them to stop or I will get our BXO or BCO 6. Explain some lore about the 212th. Well I know that they 212th one of the best attack battalions in the clone army. Their Jedi General is General Kenobi. 212th’s commander is commander Cody and Cody best soldiers are Boil and Waxer. 7. What is your time zone? EST 8. How many hours a day are you usually on? I can be on about 2-4 hours everyday (But I can’t play every week I can play every other week, but maybe by Christmas I can play every week.)
  3. I haven't been on MilitaryRP for awhile and have more important things that I need to do in my personal life. So I will be resigning to clear up space more the roster.
  4. Jacob Cain

    Nova's LOA

    Mom took me for Thanksgiving hopefully will make meeting Sunday. I will be back monday
  5. Wont be back till Monday have some stuff to do
  6. +Support Deserves this role Has experience Not a minge Plays RP good.