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  1. +Support Evidence is clear as said many times and as anyone could see he has RDM'd multiple times and he was being mingey. I have run into Insper multiple times as well and its safe to say that he is mingey during those times too
  2. Nice, I used to have a 3D printer
  3. Lets just all post on this old post eggsdee
  4. So many people wanna see it but if I see a Pingu then you are god level
  5. I applied for SWAT 7 days ago and im pretty sure they do the applications today right? Well hopefully I make it into SWAT because I want to be in SWAT. If I don't then im just going to give SRT a try and probably stay SRT honestly.
  6. I used to play Destiny 1 like 12 hours a day constantly and I loved it so much, it was my favorite game and I absolutely loved playing it with friends. I haven't tried out Destiny 2 but I think I would like it
  7. +1 Support I think having Terrorism on the server is a good idea because it could add more RP and it can even add some new units on Gov such as EOD. Looks and sounds fun!
  8. I got kinda bored of PD to be honest so I am trying to get into NSA and SWAT but the applications haven't been posted so i am waiting eggsdee
  9. +Support I might get NSA depends on when the applications are posted, but anyway if I do get NSA then I would like that as well
  10. Well if I get denied on SWAT then you will see me there
  11. ArkCarbon


    Welcome back Lopock, hope to see you helping me get my car out of a ditch, because thats a big problem with me
  12. That bread makes me actually want a sandwhich