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  1. KoreanBiscuit

    New headset

    Don't low ball me 75$ take it or leave it you scam artist.... @Felix
  2. Yes this was a False warn when I issued the warning at the time I didn't read more ahead and didn't notice the Hit part of it I noticed he killed someone then left so yes it was my fault and I spoke to him and apologized if someone would please remove the warn I'd Appreciate it!
  3. To Be Honest I have NEVER seen you on teamspeak sorry I just haven't -SUPPORT
  4. KoreanBiscuit

    New headset

    That's my Beauty right there.
  5. KoreanBiscuit

    New headset

    I have Astro A40 Headphones and a blue yeti mic
  6. KoreanBiscuit

    New headset

    What kind of upgrade is this Krakens are uncomfortable mate