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  1. -support -Vizz Did the right thing. -Of the handbook. -and its Of THE staff handbook so how was he in the wrong?
  2. +Support -great person -great Application -Can listen very Well. -good leader. EMS,SS -would make a great mod -active
  3. +support great Idea,would love to join GTX 1070 I78700K never recorded tho
  4. soulness

    Staff Report

    +SUPPROT Thats is just not okay.
  5. +SUPPORT been in an admin sit with him many times. calms the people Active on staff helps people
  6. Name:Soulness Rank:Cadet Status On Roster:Semi Active Can You Make Our Weekly Meeting: Yes Any Suggestions / Improvements For Dispatch: Make dispatch see dead people so they can dispach ems too.
  7. Name: soulness Rank:Special Officer Reason for not attending: cousins/family friends/meet and eat at aroudn that time. So I can't miss it. sorry.
  8. Name: Soulness Rank:Paramedic Status On Roster:Active Why should we keep you: You should keep me in EMS because I really enjoy doing my job and I am facinated by how challenging it is, but I did expect it. From Day 1 I promised to do my duty as rp as possible and be active as much as possible, so please take this into consideration and don't remove me, and I belive in one thing and one thing only, Im good at my job.
  9. okay first of all I did show proof, but k
  10. Name on the roster: soulness Activity level (Active, Semi Active, ETC): active Rank: SSA
  11. soulness


    IG name:soulness Link to steam Account: How mnay warning do you have: 1 What departments are you in and what rank: CPL (PD) why do you want to beEMS(150 Words Minimum): I want to be BSI because I love watching investigation shows and it would be great to insvtage for my self. I watch Criminal minds. I have watched all 13 season and waitng for the 14th one to come out. I feel like I could bring realism into BSI bcause of how much I watch shows like criminals minds and law and order.
  12. soulness


    IG Name:soulness Link to Steam Account: How many warnings do you have:1 What departments are you in and what rank: (PD) CLP Why do you want to be EMS(150 Words Minimum): I want to be in ems because i feel i can do great as the job i was in EMS on a diffrent server that got shutdown i was a senior paramedic and rapid response so i feel i know what i am doing i also want to join because i want to help out with the department and have fun doing it so ill be active on it i am good with the role play seen so i fill i would make role playing better for everyone I am very respectful to others and higher ups i am also kind to all i will follow the rules of role play and the server rules and also EMS so i will make sure role play goes smooth and the right way thank you and thats all i got to say and also thats why i want to join EMS.