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  1. White

    White's LOA

    Hello everyone, I know I don't post on the forums much, but a whole bunch of you know me from the server. Some school stuff has come up that will keep me off of the server for a while, as in one month long. So I may poke in on the forums or talk with some of you guys on steam, but until further notice I will be on LOA. I know that I will probably lose my BXO and LATRT ranks, and any other ranks that I may hold, but for now, I hope that you all have fun on the server. This is 187th BXO White, signing off. Edit: Until I do return, I want to say a few things: Invaliff and Long, thank you both for making my trip through the ranks of 187th fun and enjoyable, hope to play with you guys once I return Strider, I freaking love you dude, get some rest and drink some water. You're a great Admin and overworking yourself is a little unhealthy. Take a nap every now and then, you deserve it. Cards, I love your events and I hope that whatever the fate of Major Cards, Unknown, The Doctor, and whoever else will be well. Hoovy, great events, hopefully White can find John and get that darksaber he's been wanting. Everyone that voted for me as BXO, thank you, it means the world to me that I would be even considered for a position like that, and I'm sorry to take this LOA as soon as I've reached this point. Everyone else in 187th, I hope that you all do the best, show the other ranks what Grapes are made of, and reach for what you hope to achieve, and you'll make it there.
  2. -/+ Neutral I've seen you on ever since I've joined this server, and you've been great... when your on. Lots of the time, I see you either AFK in the corner or just standing in a hall, however I will say that you have started to change on that. For now, I'll keep my vote to myself and decide at a later date. Best of luck tho!
  3. White

    501st additions

    +Support I think that this is a must have for not only the 501st, but also the 91st (and the 41st if they do get added.). ATRT's are EXTREMELY under utilized and whenever they are used, there are only one or two ATRT's on. Hopefully this passes through and we see more ATRT scouts on!
  4. +Support Is on alot (Even though he may not be on as Commander as much) Knows how to handle different situations (He's taken care of a few minges before for me) Really nice guy in general Coherent with the rules
  5. +support Enable honestly seems like a genuine guy who knows what to do. From what i've seen on the server, he keeps it serious and is pretty chill to hang around when we're OOC. He definitely is on more than me and I hope that he continues like that.
  6. +support I really like the looks of all of the models. The ARC troopers look fabulous, the Bomb Squad is probably a necessity, and the padawans are a needed update. Everything else is fine too, just my 0.02 ยข