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  1. I thought snar was born 500 years ago
  2. game has been buggy this week, just yesterday while on CAT, when I turned my lights/sirens on it used the turn signals for that side
  3. @ShibieStorm@myandabeast [GL] My pet named Steve(there are 20 steves, so could't tag him :/) Here is to a CC for us
  4. What you want to see? - A system in-game(like an NPC in spawn or something in the f4 menu) that you can trade in-game money to, to get credits. Why should we add it? - For the more broke people like me, so that we can spend our money on some credits to get some perks(now these would cost 100-200k, but still). What are the advantages of having this? -For broke people out of game to spend in-game money(something most can afford) and get something beneficial out of it. Who is it mainly for? - Broke People out of game (so everyone XD) Links to any content - N/A
  5. also, Cheeto is a respected staff member, I HIGHLY doubt that Cheeto would make a false warn.
  6. +/- Support -Never see you in game( I know its not time-zones, we are both EST) -Friendly when I see you on -mature -can handle staff well GOOD LUCK!!!