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  1. Your In-game: SM War Gamer 1D44 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:148427089 The player's name in-game: Thanos (He did say in the video "I can change my name so you can't do anything so I don't care" and if you pay attention to his full name at the beginning and his name at the end you'll see he changed it ) Steam Name of player: Ice Profile link of player: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198209642049 The player's steam ID (required): STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:124688160 STEAM ID 3: [U:1:249376321] STEAM ID 64: 76561198209642049 What did the player do: Imnot going to tell the entire story because it would be too long to explain but the video will include the following; Player Dis, Purposefully running away to avoid being arrested, NLR (I don't remember how many times), Attempt of RDM (again a lot of times so don't have a number for you atm), NITRP, wants to be banned, 49 warns Evidence (REQUIRED): (VIDEO UPLOADED DONT MIND THE THUMBNAIL ITS JUST BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO DO PHOTOSHOP IMAGE) What do you believe should happen to the player: I do think that a ban is warranted for this situation because we can't have people like this on attempting to ruin RP and mess up the server making it no fun and causing unnecessary grief to players and staff that have to deal with this type of behavior. Any extra information: Only thing is sorry for the evidence not being upfront right away but I also don't want to waste player, staff, SMT's time by having them sit through a 2hr 30min video raw so as soon as I can I will edit it down and post the link. It also might be good to know that he changed his job name to 49 warns. P.S Sorry for the extra stuff like his profile link and that it's just so you are able to confirm it is him that I am talking about EDIT: I just checked the bans and he just got banned for the following NITRP|ARDM in Spawnx2|Kidnapping in spawnx3|Kidnapping in sitx2|ARDM in sitx2|Minge|Asked for perma|Appeal @ gaminglight.com By Admin: CPT Felix 1L42 Expires in: 14 Days Even though he is banned I'm keeping the report because I think more than a 14-day ban should be warranted maybe perm should be given for this type of behavior plus he is almost at 50 warns Thank You so much for taking the time to read, SM War Gamer 1D44 of the Rockford Police Department
  2. War Gamer


    +/- support Incuficent evidence that you were even arrested and not warned for another reason. The screen shot only proves that you were warned so really there is no valid proof on your side Lack of detail We are going to have to wait for Duv's side of the story to make a diffinitve awnser but I am leading more twords -support just because of the fact that this report has lack of evidence and lack of detail So some one tag him on the forms so he sees this post
  3. @Jet Hazard I can't read it very well if it on your profile we might be able to zoom in and actually see the console text.
  4. Agreed 100% too many shoot outs as it is we don't need a family devoted to nlr and mrdm
  5. @Chad B speak to me today at some point if you can we have business to discuss about dispatch. This includes why the hell does someone have 3000000 strikes
  6. That the PD for you if you mess up you got 50 people comin to get your a**
  7. Today on November th 12th Stan Lee American book writter and formal chairman of Marvel Comics and Marvel Studio, dies in rememberence of him put "f" to pay respects and following say something nice about him.
  8. HUGE -SUPPORT "Its in my warns" is not a valid reason No proof or recollection of the moment on your side After reading the defendedents Cheeto side; he had every reason to. I was on when you recived the warn You have caused me trouble the same day with dis And you should know that every administration is goded because they also cloak themselves so why not god yourself. And if I remember corectley "god check" is against the rules and also falls under attempt of RDM, non compliant, attempt of RDM in an admin sit, and attempting to RDM to avoid punishment If anything you busted yourself not Cheeto. Thank you, SGT War Gamer 1D44 of the Rockford Police Department
  9. He has a point just stop while you're ahead it makes no sense to start a social media war like Trump, you get the picture no offense, So Phenix I would again stop while you're ahead
  10. -support Little effort No context or even close to being belivable Overall little was put into this appeal showing that you don't care that much. The story is almost impossible to believe without proof. I have handeled these type of reports in the past where a staff member claims they were hacked just to avoid punishment which is total BS and very immature. If you just told the full truth you could possibly be appealed and allowed to apps again under supervision. But if you are telling a lie, which is what it really looks like, then you could be blacklisted from ever appealing again or banned though that is up to Head of Staff+. So if you are lying just tell the truth that way we can tell that your honest and loyal. But untill the I will not diture from my response of -support
  11. Yea I know it can but from my experience, most of these sort of stories are 99.99% false so I'm just saying it how the cards look on the table I will change if it starts to form a clearer picture but right now it is very sus no offense. Though you have not done me wrong yet so I will read through it again to see if there are some more blank parts that could be explained better.
  12. -SUPPORT Never seen you before Newer forum account the rest is obvious Thank you, SGT War Gamer 1D44
  13. All that info should have been put into the appeal so in the end I'm still going to stay neutral to a negative because the appeal in itself shows lack of commitment not enough detailed information that was actually inside the appeal not the comments and more needs to be said before anyone can make a final decision This also seems in my eyes like a BS excuse I'm not going to be the one that judges that. Thank you, SGT War gamer 1D44
  14. -support From owning, managing, and staffing a handful of servers in my time. I can tell by the way you act in game and out that you would be a terible choice for staff. Aswell you did not put effort into your application which is something I truely despise because that means you didn't have the common decency nor care that much to even put some time and thought into the application. Your attitude is also another thing that this server does not need or need more of. You would not be able to handle staffing on your own which means other staff member would have to baby sit you. You would be to much of a hasel, a liability risk loseing players, and a report magnet. SO OVERALL IT'S A BIG FAT -SUPPORT Thank you, SGT War Gamer 1D44