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  1. Really nice person. Great to RP with! +Support
  2. 10/10 I can't even edit like that lol...
  3. What you want to see? - A few mods, Oil, Mining and a security mod. Why should we add it? - For the Oil: More ways to make money! Mining: You can make a really good ore factory, and it can bring a few people together to make a great factory! Security: You can bug your house up with stuff, so it makes it harder to raid you and you know that someone is raiding you. What are the advantages of having this? - Oil: More ways to make money, might bring new players. Mining: More ways to make money, might bring new players. Security: To secure your house, so you can see if anyone is raiding it. (THE RP WAY!) Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - Oil: (Watch the 'trailer' and worth the $16) I have a great Idea for this mod too. Mining: Security:
  4. +support 5K isn't enought. At least change it to 30K for the Obsidian and the Platinum.
  5. Alright, thats a good point. I got nothing for that...
  6. What I ment by that, is that the person who owns the base can catch them easily. Because you hear the keypad cracker sound. If you don't hear that but there is someone inside the base, they use the prop glitch. Then the base owner can call a admin, then the person doing it gets caught. All I am saying, the addon can be used for fun, AND it can be abused.
  7. I think you can edit it addon so you can't sit on props. Even if we don't do that, it's a good addon to have and it's easy to catch people abusing it. +Support for me!
  8. Pasta Sauce


    Man its been a while, still waiting for animerp to be back up! I understand that zeeptin and fame are working there best to get the server back up! All I wanna say is, I hope the server comes back up soon. GL Gl
  9. Why didn't he just post it on the forums
  10. Man so many comments! WE ARE ALMOST THERE! Ooooo toes would be nice, how about 501 comments and spection shows his face and his toes ❤
  11. -/+ support + his name is cool - he has big gay - he no watch anime + because I posted on here
  12. +rep Good RPer Good staff on PoliceRP I think he should get staff