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    I'm down. If you got discord add me Ducky#4446
  2. Bye Vizz! If ya ever wanna play a game just msg me on steam or discord!
  3. +Support I talked with Nathen on TS about this, (well he came to me) And from what I know he thought the logs went the other way around. He thought that Duramax did Damage to Munchies first. But he should know from here on out to take a sit, and hear from the other person (Duramax). I feel like this warn should be removed, it was a misunderstanding! I apologize on Nathan's behalf! - J o n n y
  4. Pasta Sauce

    Meth Bug

    I don't know if I follow the Suggestion format, or what... The Meth has a bug, if you put the meth crates on the Transport thing, then you can't sell it... I'm not sure if you have to fill the Transport Palette to sell it.
  5. Pasta Sauce


    In AnimeRP you can do a lot! (May not have a lot of players but you can still play!) You are able to make meth or opium! You are able to do a lot more than that! Some of it is hard to explain, so the best wait to know is to play! I hope you join AnimeRP and have as much fun as I am on AnimeRP! P.S. AnimeRP is a good server! From -J o n n y
  6. +SUPPORT He took the words out of my mouth.. +Really nice person to RP with! +Really good RPer +Good detail in app! P.S. - I'm surprised he didn't get promoted to Admin! GL VIZZ! - J o n n y
  7. What rank are you in the support team division, and what is your staff rank? Support | Senior Moderator What is your name? Jonny SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68780841  Why do you wish to continue to be apart of support (Minimum Of 50 Words) I wish to continue being support because, I want to help everyone in the teamspeak. I feel like I am good at that, so far everyone I help I could help! Also, I feel like I can control my temper good. I also love helping players with all there needs, I am good at helping people, I can help people really well. This is why I wish to continue being apart of support! Do you promise to uphold all the support team rules? (Saying no will result in an immediate removal) Yes
  8. +Support +Nice guy +Active +Great person to RP with +Nice person to talk to
  9. In Game Name: Itachi Uchiha | Jonny SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68780841 Rank (Must be SenMod+) SenMod Have you read the MOTD? Yes Why do you want to join the Event Team? (Must be At least 50 words) I would like to join the event team because, I want to get more players on the server. Also about every event gets about 15 players for the rest of the day! The more times we do more events, the more players we will get! Once AnimeRP gets more event staff, we can make a huge event, that will get a lot more players! But anyways, I feel like I can help the server with players, more events = more players. That is why I want to join the Event Team. Do you agree to stay active on the forums and team speak and in game or risk removal? Yes