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  1. I’ve noticed a nerf on bitminer racks now like 200k in 32 minutes not worth it
  2. Name: Crimzon Rank: Specialist Department: "CAT" or if it fits put "Counter assault team" Callsign(If it fits): XA19 Shape(Star, Oval, Sunburst, Shields, Or Eagle tops): Silver Eagle top This is really Cool man, keep it up!
  3. I mean 3million is a lot but A new car would suffice
  4. I think it needs to be active! but under strict trust because You loose money if you go to jail or if you die anyways you die, you loose the gun same thing i see it this way you start a shootout you deserve jail simple maybe a simple shootout can be ruled as 5 minutes and a mass murder/shootout can be 10 mass shootout involving 3 or more cops and assailants And maybe depending on the reason like a bank robbery you die and cannot be arrest while if it’s a shootout in the street or for a traffic stop you can get revived For the REPUBLIC?
  5. Joke? CAN we starve equally
  6. that’s pretty much what i want to get at is that hey I was shot and I lived But maybe workout a Script for headshots = actual death and no revive But backing what I said it would have to be a fairly complex system
  7. Are we ever gonna get the NLR rule of Not allowing people to be arrested after they get revived. Abolished personally i think it’s kinda stupid i understand why it is and the flaws with it but if a system was implemented Medically like the advanced medical mod it could allow for more rp because right now people don’t give A damn about their lives they just run and shoot and live to die no value to it as you don’t get punished for your crimes but at the end of the day there would have to be a big system to enforce RP that idk if the SMT are willing to Try because it could be a rough road
  8. He didn't steal the vehicle He got in and out quick it happens
  9. Name; CrimzonEmpire Rank: Senior Special Officer Reason: I got a homecoming date so I’m not gonna blow that off I’ll be gone from 6:30est to 10:00 saturday
  10. Name: Crimzon/CrimzonEmpire Edit: Rank: SNR Special officer Activity Level: Active
  11. + Support driving the President Can be tough and lag makes it worse! Crash into a sign at 33MPH in an armored Limo and You almost Kill everyone in it. This needs to be removed it's a nuisance if you like this maybe I suggest a lower scripted Coefficient if anything PS if the pres dies he has to be voted in again and some people don't like to give it back Update: I just git a Little Street sign at 22 and lost all my health from 100 to
  12. My hallway was like 5x wide i wasn’t fully aware of the killbox at the time I made it and that’s my fault so idk