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  1. I feel that both Officers and Soldiers need to improve on this. Officers need to be inforcing soldiers to get on TS, but I also think soldiers need to listen better and accually get on TS. I'm not saying that I'm always inforcing it, but everyone including me needs to make a improvement. "You Can Lead A horse to water but you can't make him drink" -Dave
  2. Dave

    Knife Give away

    Name: Dave Steam Id:STEAM_0:1:109163859 Why do you want a knife: So I can be a Kool Kid Do you love me: No Homo -Dave PS: All of you dum dums that don’t know who Fupa is, It’s Popee.
  3. Dave

    Cat's Resignation

    Cat , I’m Sad to see you go. You were a good leader and I respected you a lot. I hope you will come back to the community. Good luck with any future endeavors. I hope to see you on the server from Time to time. -Dave
  4. Dave

    Plastik's LOA

    Hello Plastik, I’m sorry to hear about your friend, Hope you can get back soon. -Dave
  5. HUGE +Support -Active -Good player -Great Application -Knows Rules -Ready For Staff
  6. ACCEPTED Speak to me for training. -SZ C104th KGB DSMAJ COL DAVE
  7. +Support -Active -Friendly -Good leader -Good Application -Ready For CPT
  8. PENDING - Waiting for a bit more community comments