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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=662399224&searchtext=PM
  2. No way I never noticed someone with the name Scar, No cap I think a lot of his stuff is FIRE, I got to many pictures of em
  3. I am actually so happy for you, I don't want to go into details about my life and stuff, I am glad you could get help. I feel like you sharing that stuff with your friend was the best. The hardest part is opening up. I always have a tendency to keep things private, Name, Age, where I live. Because I want to be left to my own accords. I am literally so happy you have gotten through this and do hope you return. I don't care if you didn't really like me or whatever, I really do feel a connection to you and do sincerely hope you come back. I feel like if you did you could comeback as a happier person and actually enjoy gaminglight for a whole. (Also, I better hear your voice, I will bug you when you come back until I hear it.) Love, Quaked No Homo
  4. Server: PoliceRP Class: Quake So, our model has been perfect until suddenly today, Snar said something to do with the Model folder or whatever. I needed to alert you. Suddenly when the model dies it does not show up and is completely invisible.
  5. Apply for SRT! if you are active and show dedication I am sure you can be accepted! Just put effort into the APP! and reach CPL!
  6. When I watched there was a solid 15 thrown at that base lmao, and at the front
  7. I mean, was funny in a cringy way, but he did no RP all people we get from him are going to be minges.
  8. Maral is honestly unbelievably active, Sometimes we just want to roleplay but when there is ratio, Maral goes on and takes it for the team! +1 He is also a mad lad.
  9. Your opinion doesn't matter in a case that requires possibly a warn, you need proof and need valid evidence, can't do it because you "felt like it"
  10. I played with this man quite a few times and he is a BOT. No in all seriousness I don't believe he was hacking. He minged sometimes but to a point to be funny, not disrespectful. I feel he deserves another chance or a talking to of some sort. I really enjoyed playing with him and I have never heard, nor been told, about him hacking until someone said, "Did you know KIKI was blacklisted?" This is a +1 for you intellectuals
  11. a REPLY FROM QUAKED? Legendary
  12. Server: PoliceRP Class: Quake Person that paid: STEAM_0:0:161868119 Owner: Me Gun Being Added: tfa_csgo_g3sg1