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  1. yes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. +SUPPORT Lemme just start out by saying that this man is -An amazing leader -An awesome friend -An amazing RPer -And a great yeller HE DESERVES THIS POSITION GOOD LUCK PAPA CARDS Obi-Wan
  3. CLONE TROOPERS When most of us think of CTs, we generally have negative associations with the name. However, is there a way to improve the reputation of this Attack Battalion? Of course, there is always a possibility. Hades Squadron, one of the most infamous squadrons of Clone Troopers to ever grace the battlefield, was one of the best things that the Clone Troopers have ever seen. They were the ones that initially spurred people's beliefs in the CTs, and that they could do good and fight with strict discipline. However, Hades Squadron has all but disappeared. Although the members of Hades Squad are still active members on the server, most people barely ever see them together. The tag of HS and HST in peoples names can still be seen, but it is rare to see the actual job used. What I'm trying to say about Hades Squadron is that they were one of the first spurs to help the CT branch with inter-branch relations, and they could still help the CT Reputation. I believe that if some form of Hades Squadrons discipline and leadership were exemplified in chosen individuals, they could rekindle the fire for peoples beliefs in CTs. NOTE: This is strictly my personal opinion and you are free to disagree. However I see CTs being mistreated quite often due to the fact that they have some of the worst inter-branch relations. What do YOU think about improving the CT reputation, and how could we make it work?
  4. What is your Jedi name? : Jedi Knight Jaeger How often can you be on? : Every other day Do you have any warnings/strikes? : N/A What Rank/Lore Character are you applying for? : Jedi Master Why should we trust you as a Jedi Master? ( 75 words min ) : As a Jedi Knight, I have led the way for troops and Jedi alike while in combat. I feel that as a Master, it could aide with my ability to lead and teach. I have memorized the Jedi Code and can understand it as well, which I feel is equally as important. Not once have I ever abused my training as a Jedi in order to use it for personal gain, and I have maintained integrity while bearing the title of Jedi. What qualifies you to be a Jedi Master? ( 75 words min ) : I believe that I am qualified for the rank of Master because I understand and follow the Jedi Code, as stated previously. I know how to effectively train Jedi Padawans and Younglings in the proper ways a Jedi should behave. I know proper training techniques for combat and force abilities, and which ones are restricted to certain Jedi. The effective methods of Jedi training are difficult to master, but I believe that I am on the right path thus far. Why do you want to be a Jedi Master? ( 200 words min ): As a Youngling I looked up to the Jedi Masters I saw. I was always amazed at how much they knew about the Jedi, and how they act. Now, as a Jedi Knight, I aspire to be a Master. I would like to be one of the Masters I saw as a Youngling. I want to be a good teacher to all of those below me, and lead by example to show them the proper Jedi way. I want to be an effective leader and positive example for every person on the Venator, and to continue learning more and more about the Force in order to pass on my knowledge. As a Knight, I am able to do these things, but holding the rank of Master shows dedication to the Jedi Order and my studies of the Light Side. Most Jedi do not reach the rank itself, because the High Council is very picky on only accepting the best to be Masters. Holders of the rank have completely devoted their lives to the ways and study of the original Jedi, and have thus vowed to protect that galaxy and maintain order in return. I would like to hold the rank in order to show that I am devoted completely, and to make that one final vow to maintain order and harmony in the people and galaxy around me. How many Padawans have you trained? : Sadly, I have not trained any individuals as of now. Do you understand that being a Master causes you to use a life in Jedi? : Yes, I will give up one life. Do you agree to never minge or abuse your powers as a Jedi Master? : Yes, I agree
  5. +SUPPORT Nimo, I love you, but you messed up. -Bribes: Bribes are not okay at all, especially when you face a demotion. That alone is enough for demotion. -Running into OOC to avoid RP: This is also unacceptable. Running into the OOC room to avoid being out in jail is not okay. This makes the OOC room look bad, and more likely to be removed due to this misuse. -Dropping props on players: This is just Admin Abuse. Dropping props on players while they are trying to roleplay is absolutely unacceptable, immature, and unprofessional behavior for an SA. Overall, I believe a demotion or some other form of punishment is in order. Although I do not have the power to do so, I still believe that this is what should happen. There is enough evidence here in the videos and screenshots to prove that Nimo has been 1. Abusing his powers as SA and 2. That Nimo is not very mature or professional. -Jaeger
  6. Jaeger

    ARC Role Call

    IGN(In game Name): Jaeger Rank: SFC Any Changes you would like in ARC?: N/A
  7. Yes, just no more HGM. Too stressful with all of the backlash
  8. GOODBYE This is officially my 48 HR notice for Head GM. This whole situation has been way too stressful with two HGMs and the amount of backlash I've been receiving. Overall, I love being a GM. But I hate having two Head Gamemasters. I hope that this situation will be resolved quickly, and I'll be taking a small LOA from being a GM for a while. I just need to relax, and take some time on my Fleet, Jedi, and ARC characters. I'm leaving my half of the power that I had (more or less) In the hands of William K. This is my final 48 hr notice for Head GM. I will remain on the server, but need to take time off of GM. I will be on, just not GM.
  9. Okay, so I have been playing on GamingLight for a while and was going to play on MilRP soon. This is really helpful, even though I knew alot. Thanks!
  10. ACCEPTED Sorry for the late accept, but speak to me or William for training
  11. Speak to me or William later
  12. Jaeger

    Lego's ban appeal

    -SUPPORT -Very mingey -Doesn't listen to orders well -Poor dispute -Was punished accordingly Serve your time and suck it up. You'll get back on soon.
  13. Jaeger

    Gamemaster Almanac

    Read and Understood
  14. Discuss in the comments Is water actually wet, or just mildly moist?