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  1. You most likely will prob get to use it on other things but it has to be for GL is my guess, as it would prob be wrong to make it so you cant get that back since the CC does not exist anymore.
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    Give me money
  3. +support kool kid is a C**t what I said Cant jesus
  4. jshuhkdfsgkskfgdjkfshkgkjdsfkhdfkgjhdsfkghdskfg 2nd
  5. What you could do is have operations and if you minge on the operations you are just black listed from doing these types of things but you would only be black listed for a certain amount of time or things like that
  6. You are all wrong everything got nerfed the best gun is................................... Scheffer or Reborn with 100 nukes and 10000 people on
  7. We also need it so that printers are not props
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    Stars LOA

    Eek @VCMDR Star dude you better respond man!
  9. @FuryFunkyMunkey Gaming Need to close this post to replies.