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  1. Your Name: Borith Your In game Name: Yniza/Hammer Your GM Rank?: T Gamemaster Name of Event: CIS Blockade Planet/Map: Venator What GM's Help during the Event?: N/A Did you have any actors? If so what are there names?: Jaeger Player Feed back on Event? ( 1/5- 5/5) ? 3/5 Screen-Shot of the Vote Results:
  2. Name: Borith Rank: BXO/T ensign Date Joined (Roughly): October 5th? In-Game Name: Rancor ARC BXO Hammer/ T Ensign Yniza
  3. Name´╗┐: Borith Rank: T Gamemaster, Moderator SteamID:´╗┐ 76561198271449072 In-Game Name: Rancor ARC BXO Hammer/ T Ensign Yniza
  4. +support -Good leader -Active -Respectful -Knows what needs to be done
  5. Name: Borith SteamID: 76561198271449072 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Rancor BXO Why do you want to be a general?: I would like to become a general so I can help more than a bxo can. So I can take charge when no one else is on and when no one else wants to and actually be able to order people around. I want to help bring back battalions that are dying so we don't lose more battalions. I want to be able to help be more of a example for everyone to follow and hopefully want to become so we can become active again. I want to show how well of a leader I can be. I wish to show to the lower ranks that if you try hard and try you can get to any rank you want you just have to put effort and time into it. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I think I should be trusted to hold this rank because I am a moderator and a game master for Star Wars RP. I also have never got warned on this server and I never abuse anything I have at all. I am also the BXO for the elite battlion rancor and we don't accept anyone who messes around or does anything to hurt the server or the community. All I want to do is help the server and the community and abusing this rank would hurt us and would not go the way I want this server to go. How often can you be online?: I can be online almost every single day. How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: I have zero warnings on star wars rp.
  6. Goodbye bravo you will be missed, have a lot have fun on what ever you will do next.