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  1. +Support! -Very Good at RP, including MedRP -Very Good as a Leader in general -Has been here long enough to know everyone
  2. Here I am thinking what happens after death then this Conversation comes up
  3. +Support I Agree, plus the ARC HD models as seen with William's post look AMAZING, and the CGI models for ARC Look Disgusting in my opinion, thats why I LOVE being modeled to something else than what I have right now, But, whats the point? It was decided, also the 501st are all wrong, it should be the ones in like tha Battle of Umbara or Star wars Episode III
  4. +Support The 91st Looks left out when they are on snow Missions when on the Planet Yuca or Hoth.
  5. The Questions 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Zoid/ARC 2LT MVCMDR Zoid 1545/Admiral Zoidbar 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? : I feel I should be a Commander of ARC Because So far, our Old ARC Commander has Sadly Resigned and right now, I feel if I was in Position of Commander for the ARC Branch, I could Help make ARC the Regiment everybody Dreams to be and Looks up to be as the Greatest Soldier. I could Also Help my Brothers not only as their leader, but as we know, we are all brothers in the same War. 3. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? : The Main Purpose is the Commander to become a Leader their brothers/ fellow soldiers can trust to lead them into this Conflict Known as the Clone Wars. The Commanders also show the way their troopers cannot understand by themselves. A Commander is also one of the most important Roles in a regiment and has some of the MOST IMPORTANT Responsibilities. 4. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : First things first, I have been known as a Great leader whenever a higher up has not been on and as the Medical VCMDR, so I know all the responsibilities and Duties to a VCMDR/CMDR. I have also Almost been known For never Minging (Unless it's OOC hours ) and I have been known for doing some REALLY GOOD Medical RP, any RP like Passive RP I love, so I don't disrespect that. Plus if anybody needs Help/Questions about ARC almost anytime, i'm here just Patrolling the Ship. 5. How often can you be Online? : Usually from 12am CST to 12pm CST 6. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : None at the moment
  6. This is for the better 1: Because it gives the players a warning beeping 2: It has a Bigger radius 3: It doesn't reset an event Character's health
  7. I wouldn't Necessarily agree with the Idiot 5 year old, but the bacta bombs Should be "Okey" either by an MVCMDR or a MCO, but when you use a Bacta bomb, you use it away from the Line of fire so that the Troopers get a Advantage, not a disadvantage, plus you should ONLY use it when you have a Group of Wounded people, 5 or more at the same place. Thats the Supposed use of Bacta bombs right now
  8. I was Tending to my CMDR when that happened Although I do agree +Support
  9. " I, Zoid, Swear that I will help the people who are in need of my help and help all the people who are wounded."
  10. +Support That is a great idea for when we have a hostage situation, we could persuade the person with the hostage to let the hostage go, if we get like a 64, the hostage gets to be let go only on minor terms, if you roll a 38 the hostage has a high chance of being Killed or the Demands get a higher list like instead of 20k GC, its 200k GC, That could Also go very well with Med RP when you are losing a Patient to Cardiac arrest, you can use the defibrillators to get his Heart beating again, if its a 98, he is stable condition, if ifs like a 41, he dies. There is so much more I'd like to say but it would be too long
  11. +Support I also Agree with the CT's not being easy to handle, but that should also go with the ARC LT since ARC LT is technically a higher/same position as the Clone CPT/LT
  12. These Skins look AMAZING It really looks the most realistic it can be +SUPPORT! Plus Please Change the ARC models They are Terrible, CGI looks terrible on ARC
  13. + Support I agree, we had too many Hostage situations, luckily, we have our best negotiator, Soul/Cards/Fordo. But it would be more easy to have that, like when a Sith/very powerful enemy comes nearby, you could Surrender and maybe Add something to the RP There may be many other reasons to have that but those are mine