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  1. Scoot

    Change Map

    Map seems a bit big but at the same time i really love it and think it would be great on milrp.
  2. how did the people on coruscant know italian
  3. I didn’t see this or I would have replied sooner, it really sucks to see you go.
  4. Not too big just got long arms and legs
  5. Im do track and field but i throw shotput
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know that with the start of the winter sport season for me my activity on the server will be dropping a considerable amount. It adds 2 more hours to my school day, so I will be less active on the server.
  7. He should not have warned a higher up but RDM is RDM. God check has never existed and should not be done unless you are really good friends with the people.
  8. Scoot

    Red Screen Effect

    What you want to see? - Either make the red screen when on low health more transparent, make it just around the edges, or remove it entirely Why should we add it? - Once lower than 40 health it is really hard to see anyone, and really screws you over when you have the advantage in the fight but they win because you cant see them What are the advantages of having this? - When something like this happens to me several times in a row i really want to just leave the server. Adding something like this would improve the combat experience. Who is it mainly for? - People who take damage (everyone) Links to any content - Already in server
  9. I am not denying this, but I would rather just have my opinion out there. Every time I see robby on he is in an argument with someone over something. He got SO in MP and has not been the best with his new powers. He isn't abusive but he does not realize how lucky he is that he got to jump so many ranks, and bosses people around in a way that he should not be (at least in my opinion). I think that captain would be a bad idea for him because of his immaturity and lack of respect for some people that I have seen.
  10. Scoot

    Awg's LOA

    Ok good night
  11. It's gotta be monsters vs aliens. That president piano scene was the bestest