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  1. Thanks Tagooon, its a big rip that your leaving and it was really fun playing with you, best of luck in your future endeavors
  2. I. Gameplay & Experiences Describe your experiences on Military in a single short sentence (not a paragraph.) Its usually fun, can get a bit toxic. What do you dislike about the Gameplay aspect of the server (More in the lines of gunplay or other game mechanics.) I think the gunplay and mechanics are fine, mainly the aug. What do you like about the gameplay aspect of the server? How do you think we can add to this or make it better? I like it, however if the tops of the mountain were closed it would be much more interesting. What do you dislike about the role-play on the server? How can we change or fix this? Nothing, semiserious is the way to go. What do you like about the gameplay on the server? How can we improve this? It is fun. What do you like most about the server? The people. What do you hate most about the server? The toxic people. How do you think we can retain more player on the server? No idea, all I know is that the first impression of a player will either make them stay or make them never come back. If you could have one major addition to the server, what would it be? New guns. If you could remove anything from the server, what would it be? Tanks II. Staff What do you like about the staff team? How can add to this to make it better? Most people are fairly friendly and active. What do you dislike about the staff team? How can we fix this? Some staff are so competitive and want ranks so bad they take all the sits, and make it really hard for others to want it to be on staff. Do you believe more or less staff should be on at a time? Why? The amount is fine. When someone needs something, someone will take the sit, even if they have to get on the administration job. Do you believe staff sits are handled correctly? How so and how can we change this? I do. Maybe give the players the option to take the sit where they are or get teleported to the staff member. Do you think the staff team is friendly enough? In what ways and how can we improve this? For the most part yes. III. Community Do you feel like other members in the community are friendly? How do you think we can change this? Well, most of them. Some are really toxic, which is really hard to change. Do you believe other members in the community are helpful to newer players? How can we improve this? Mostly. IV. Events Describe the current events in a brief statement. Really fun, some ruin wars entirely tho, but rarely. What do you enjoy about events? How can we improve this aspect? I like when we have to kill off enemies. What do you hate about events? How can we change this? When lower ranks without a tac have to travel so far to get to an event objective just to get merced by some dude with like 4k hp. Would you like events to happen more often or less frequently? I would like more scheduled events. Should events be role-play related or non role-play related? There should be scheduled events that are roleplay related, and non scheduled ones that are just for fun and prizes. Should events happen on certain dates, randomly, or both? Both. V. Senior Management Do you feel as if management is trying to improve the server? Why? I really have no idea what management actually does, but with the devblogs it really feels like it is improving. Do you feel like management engages with the community sufficiently? How can we improve this? Well, I know certain management engage with the community a lot and just go into TS channels where others are, but some just sit in their offices and dont talk to anyone but people they like or other SMT, which sucks. Do updates come to the server frequently enough? Now they do. VI. Since The Last Survey Do you feel like important changes were made since the last survey? If so, where they good or bad changes? Not really. What is the most important change you wanted that did not happen since the last survey? no more tonnk
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    You don’t need permission to use donator classes, but I don’t want skull to be a donator regiment. I want the people in skull to know how to take out a vehicle correctly, like weak points of tanks and the tail rotor of a helicopter, which does not require an rpg but any decent gun.
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    Kilo's LOA

    KK love you kilo!
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    Another Survey

    I really don't think this is a good idea. Serious RP would change gun mechanics and the actual roleplay of the people very severely, and I'll explain why these changes should not be made. Gun mechanics: Many people complain that the gun mechanics are broken, and that it is unrealistic to have someone doing crazy acrobatics and shooting accurately. The only case I know of where you can do this is with the prestige. If you crouch jump, you can shoot midair, and your hitbox is extremely small, which is unfair. While this may be with other shotguns, it is really only used with this gun. Other than that, it seems okay. Guns can be fired when walking, standing, or prone, which seems fine if you ask me. If you want to take away some movement regarding guns, the only way to counter that in my eyes is with bullet time and bullet drop to make up for the lack of movement. However, implementing such a system would cause such massive changes in gameplay that may drive people away. With the way it is now, skilled players are accurate and precise with their movements. If people are moving slower, it would take away a good portion of the skill required to be considered a good player. RP: The RP of a semiserious server is for me one of the best parts. I also know many of the RU love the semiseriousness, as we can talk about whatever we want and not get in trouble for it. If RP were to change to serious, it would just be such a pain in the ass. I know many people do not come on to roleplay as a soldier, but to fight and gain ranks and have fun. If I wanted to RP as a soldier I would not make jokes about the dumb stuff I do, and that just isn't fun. On serious servers you can't really joke around with higher ups without getting in trouble unless the higher up is nice and likes to joke around as well. If the US want to increase the RP, go ahead, I know you guys like your RP, but don't force it on the RU. People come to the RU for less serious RP, it provides more variety for the players that want different levels of RP.
  6. Scoot

    Secondary Survey

    I understand why a stamina system may be considered, but as matricies stated, it affects way too much. It would heavily favor tac inserts, and someone without a tac insert and does not want to pay for one would not be the happiest, as it would take much longer for them to get into the combat, and may make them not want to play on the server if they have to spend money to have fun.
  7. 1. What Is Your In-game Name: 327th AA SFC Scoot 5824 2. What Rank Are You Applying For: 2LT 3. Why Do You Want To Be Officer (70 Words Min): I want to be an officer because I will be able to help the 327th more that I can now. To be an officer gives me the ability to hold tryouts and increase the population, promote people I think deserve it and do a good job,. It is also the next step up in the progression of ranks. While I know I still have several ranks to go before I reach the rank prior to 2lt, getting it now would allow me to have an early start on doing my best to improve the branch even more. I know that 327th has become very active as of recently, and I think I will be able to keep that going, and keep the troops excited about being a 327th and make them want to stay. 4. Why Should We Trust You With Officer?(100 Words Min): I can be trusted because I know when to be serious and when to be strict. When it comes to events, unless they are really boring, I follow all the rules and try to act serious. Of course when the game master says "A CIS ship has spawned outside" I'll start laughing because of the slip-up, but I try my best to remain serious while also cracking jokes when appropriate and having fun. While I am fairly new to star wars rp, I am trusted with many higher ranks on milrp, as well as the senior moderator position. I also have no problem giving orders when needed, and talking to someone in private about their actions and improvements that need to be made. 5. Have You Donated To The Server?: No 6. What Is Your Rank On The Server?(ULX rank only): User 7. What Is Your Timezone?: EST 8. How Often Can You Be On?: Everyday, but I also have responsibilities on MilRP so I have to keep a balance, and there will be acceptions every now and then. 9. Have you ever been an officer before?: Old servers yes, not on this one