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  1. Name: USAF AFASC MAJ North Rank: MAJ Reason: Football game
  2. 1 What is your in-game name?: USAF AFASC MAJ North 2 What is your steam name?: North/The/Joker 3 What is your steam ID?: STEAM_1:0:181101264 4 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes, I’ve been staff on many Gmod servers. My first time being staff, was on a server called Mystic Gaming. I got up to Community Manager with them. We had two servers, one was a DarkRP and the other was a TTT. I got up to Admin on a MRP server called Blackdragon’s Gaming. I also got Super-Admin on a MRP server called Solaris Net. I Co-owned a server with a MRP and DarkRP on it called Shockwave Gaming. Since than, I haven’t been staff. My computer broke down which caused my severs to shutdown and me to go inactive. 5 What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) I started playing on the server on June 14th. 6 What date did you make your forums account? I created my forums account on June 16th. 7 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? I’m currently a Champion on the server. 8 How many warns do you have on the server? I have never been warned on the server. My slate is clean because I don’t break the rules. 9 Have you donated? Yes sir! 500 dollars down. 10 What rank are you applying for? I’m applying for the rank of Trial-Moderator. 11 Have you read the staff guidelines? Yes, I have read the staff guidelines and handbook multiple times. I understand all parts of it and I know almost 100% of it by heart. I know to follow all the guidelines and to give people the correct punishment. 12 Timezone: HST. Hawaiian Standard Time, 3 hours behind the West Coast and 6 Hours begins the East Coast. 13 Permission (Admin+ need this): NA 14 Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I believe I deserve the staff rank because I’ve waited till almost everyone on the server knows me. I’ve played long enough that I know all the rules. I don’t ever break the rules. I’ve never been warned in my whole time playing here and I plan to keep it that way. I don’t minge around and I’m super active on the server. I love this server and I’m on it enough that I think I could really help out the staff team. I always cooperate with my higher ups and the staff team. I think that I’ve proven myself to the community to be a trust worthy member. 15 How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? First, I would teleport them to me while I’m in an area far from everyone else. I would grab his SteamID just in case he tries to leave like a lot of players do when they get in trouble. I would calm down the person and try to get them to reason with me and listen. If not, I would freeze or jail them. I may have to mute or gag them if they won’t stop the swearing. If he RDMed once, he would receive a warn. I will explain to them the problem that they created. If he cooperates and seems fine to go back to RP, I will return him. If he goes back and does the same thing, I will teleport him back to another secluded area and follow the same steps as before. The difference is this time, he will receive a 300 second anti minge. If he RDM’s 3 times he will receive a 600 second anti minge. 16 Do you understand that any and all responses that are not unique and or quote a previous response will not be viewed as an actual answer. Yes, I understand clear.
  3. I put that in the suggestion. They aren’t going to give one side something like that and not the other though. If we do get new helis, I think both sides will get them.
  4. PXRPs

    Stronger WAC Base

    + Support •A lot of perks •Will make flying aspect more RP •More Air Support •More pilots •Automatic deletion saves time and could stop lag - USAF AFASC MAJ North
  5. I have the same problem, so do a few others. The steamid gets added but we can’t switch. Rip
  6. Looking good Danny! Thanks for making this. R&U
  7. Yeah I have the same problem with the Commache. Seems that the wheels are broken when you spawn it in.
  8. It was one hundred percent a nuke. It blew up everything with a huge mushroom cloud. Everything around all the maps got destroyed. All the desks and ammo boxed around the US base were gone. My helicopter disappeared. The WAC repair stations were gone. It was pushing me back just like a nuke does when I respawned. I don’t think he was testing something, I think he just did it on accident, he said after, “Oh shoot, I didn’t mean to click that”. I don’t know how he got a nuke but somehow he did. In conclusion, He killed everyone and destroyed everything at both US base and RU base. The only thing to make that big of an explosion would be a nuke.
  9. + support •Nuked and killed everyone • Teleported everyone too •Abused power while on TRIAL-Moderator •Already has another staff report up
  10. That vehicle has broken before. I’ve heard of it doing the same thing on other servers.