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    Sniper scopes

    Discard what I said earlier. When I went on the server later, my sniper rifle had the worst sensitivity. It was super hard to aim and has changed in the last few days.
  2. Since you’ve been gone for so long, I recommend you stay in Airforce for a little and check it out. You haven’t been on to see any of the changes or anything. If you still want to switch after, by all means go for it.
  3. A few of the RU Hero classes have the same playermodel as US CC’s. There is two CC’s that have playermodels that are almost identical and have small differences that can’t be seen during combat and at a distance.
  4. +Support This doesn’t really affect me because most of the time I’m running around with about 10 guns but I still think Snipers could really use an SMG. The gun doesn’t have to be powerful as it will just be used as a lifesaver if someone pushes you. Close quarter sniping will be a lot smaller problem because they will have a secondary that’s useful.
  5. +Support •Great staff •Good guy •Knows the rules •Active
  6. Rip. Hope to see you every once in a while.
  7. +Support The current Capture point locations are in some of the worst areas in my opinion. Sniping construction point is extremely easy for because there’s no cover and hills are everywhere. The gas station cap point is out in the open and only has cover from one way. Oil has No cover at all. There’s a fence that you can see through and shoot through. The fence is also about 5 feet tall. There’s hills surrounding the area too. This map is also about the same size as the other one so I feel we need more objectives. The main town is big enough to split into two objectives. This could really add more action in a concentrated point. This also would make it hard for us since the town is right next to ru base. To counter, we could add another point at one of the oil drills near US base.
  8. PXRPs

    Stars mini loa

    Noted See you soon mate!
  9. Major +Support •Great officer •Excellent Soldier •Deserves position •Active •Great Leader USAF Vice Commander DICC North
  10. PXRPs

    Scram loa

    Noted Hope to see you soon! - USAF Vice Commander North
  11. Damn Reborn. Wasn’t ready for this. I will miss you mate. Good times playing with you! You were a great Head Admin, I hope to see you still play every once in a while.