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  1. Whats Fivem? was it like a GTA type of server. OR was it on GTA its self. I think I heard of this but I don't know for sure.
  2. Toxitman

    Serious Rp

    +support Just as Spection said. But I would wait a few weeks or 1-2 months to do this. I would start slowly and change rules to make it more Serious so it doesn't make the community panic. If we did it at once the community base of player would decrease a bunch because people getting banned,warned,ECT.
  3. I agree with that but im going to stay with my +/-Support. If we get a different video showing him switching jobs they its a +support. But robby you have got 4 staff reports now I think. Maybe more.
  4. Hi! My name is Toxitman as you can see. I am staff on Police RP. Im in SS,EMS,FBI,and PD. I try to be the most active on staff and these departments. If you ever need me just pm me or pm me on discord Toxitman#5588 if you ever need something.
  5. +/- support The video is clear but we never saw him switching jobs. The phygun part was a bit unnecessary. You could of ask him to stop and let me finish then you two talk The uncloak part was just a mistake
  6. Congrats. And quick question I applied but I don't see my name?
  7. Sad to see you go hope you have a great future and have fun on PD
  8. Name : Toxitman Rank : Captain Lengh : 1 week Reason : Private
  9. Name : Toxitman Rank : SO Lengh : 1 week Reason : Private
  10. Name : Toxitman Rank : PO Lengh : 2-3 days Reason : going on a weekend hunt
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    Toxitmans LOA

    Name:Toxitman Rank: Captain Lengh : 2-3 days Reason: Going on a weekend hunt
  12. Name: Toxitman Rank: PO Activity level: Active
  13. -support Forums activity could improve Never seen in-game could be (Could be time zone) Never seen on TeamSpeak (Could be time zone) Fairly new to GamingLight #15 is wrong. You can not minge for 10000 seconds you need a admin+ also you don't let them curse you out you would gag them and if they proceed in chat then mute them