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  1. Name: Quinn Rank: SMMC Status (Active, LOA, etc.): Active Strikes: 0
  2. Hello Marines, Marine high command will be hosting a MC meeting, all officers (2LT+) must attend this meeting, this meeting will be hosted saturday (12/15/18) at 4:30 Eastern time. Enlisted are welcome but not mandatory, if you are not able to attend this meeting please fill out this format. Name and Rank: I promise to speak with an officer to get the details of the meeting (put understood):  Reason (if private state private):
  3. In-game Name: USMC FORECON VCMDR Quinn/ USMP 116 MIB TL ACheif Quinn TS Name: Quinn Faction: United States Marine Corps ( USMC )/ United States Military Police (USMP) Rank: VCMDR/ACheif Introduction: Hello there I am Quinn. My story is that I joined when we were on csc desert and I hated the Jugs, but loved the USMC pointmen. To this day I remember when we had the training survey to get whitelisted for US Soldier. I tried to get my friend to join but that survey was to much for him. In general I love this server so much that it's the only game I play on the days that I am on my PC, sure it can get annoying but love overcomes hate. I enjoy the fact that we use discord and teamspeak. When I was on another military rp server, I had diamond (aka: Champion) and I got to do bombing runs, while in the marines. On another one I was a LCPL pilot and I was trained by somebody at Ace's piloting level, but it was only event based and was losing players. While being in Marines at SGT I was wondering why I chose marines and not Airforce but I'm glad that I sticked with Marines. For everyone that has had a higher position that me in any branch and that has helped mold me in the way of HC, I am grateful for you being there.
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    Noted, see you then.
  5. I honestly agree, I don't like the whole vertical angle of the APC's turret and I would rather takes APC's down faster.
  6. Feel free to come back. We’ll always be waiting.
  7. I believe this is a bug because at any random moment with no damage or some damage, it just blows up. No smoke, no fire just explosions. Even right after you spawn the helicopter in.