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  1. Core Role call Name:Upity Rank:LTC Sub-Branches: (Example - DI or MP)N/a Activity:Active at night Questions:N/a 351st Role call Name:Upity Rank:Commissar
  2. Classified Information ---------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Clearance Level 3 ---- - Access Granted ________________ Personnel Scanned ________________ Welcome "██████████████" ___________________________________________________ SOP Roster Club Strike request form LOA Request Promotion form (LT+)
  3. Alright, I am just dealing with this roster fiasco currently. I need to find out everyone who is in MTF so that is why this is up.
  4. I'm doing this so I know everyones callsign.
  5. Closed This application is being closed because I am already Commander.
  6. Name: Rank: Callsign(ex:1D12): Division: Concerns:
  7. +support Active Cool dude Would be a good replacement for me as MAJ.
  8. +SUPPORT Active Knows his stuff long time player
  9. Same here, the sensitivity is wack
  10. For the few days, I have been USMC you have been one have the best NCOs I have met, you are pretty active and you know what you're doing. +support
  11. +support Active Has experience Cool dude