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  1. +support hard to read but the proof is there
  2. - support you had many chances to tase him he had no gun out he only pulled a gun out when you were focused on the other guy meaning you look away from him when he pulled a gun so i dont really believe that fear rp
  3. 1. Name: Maral 2. Are you a staff member? (Must be a mod+): yes 3. How do you rate your SCP knowledge from a scale of 1 -10? 5-6 4. Are you willing to find bugs and constructively criticize SCPRP? yes 5. Are you available at the time listed above? yes
  4. -support seems you havent read the staff handbook you cant ban as a trail mod
  5. Huge - Support i went up to you and saw your sign and you said "do you want this server to stay up you better donate"
  6. -support no proof seem like metagame to me if anyone has a video it would help