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  1. +Support Obvious harrasment towards jet. Player should at least get a long minge.
  2. I thought I was the only person with the name Dayton LMAO
  3. Nice! Welcome back nick!
  4. odd flex.... but ok.
  5. Good luck! -CPL Timmemes 1A89
  6. @Joe Mama @birdnest @Jeff Junior @Medical Chief Kade @ShibieStorm (Demoted shibie xd) hannah if u pick me ill love you till the end of time (still do either way)
  7. +Support High up in FBI command Very well known Super Active Great Application Good amount of warns Overall, Zeige is very fit for staff at this point. He is mature, very active, and has showed that he is willing and has what it takes to become a staff member. Good luck!
  8. Welcome back october! Glad to see you were able to return, and get back into the server! Missed you!
  9. +Support Very renown and Active on the server Deserves a chance Good Application Great Guy/Mature/Respectful GOOD LUCK OCTOBER
  10. Agreed after reading cheetos side
  11. +Support Dont see why not. Unclutters home page more.
  12. JASON ;(((( Jason please atleast come back soon to check in thank you so much for everything.