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  1. Have you flown recently? Even members of AFSOC agree flying feels different. I probably have more air time than most people on the server and I can definitely feel a difference.
  2. The new tick rate makes flying feel like shit. Also I was hoping AFSOC would get a free combat heli they could use yet its a donor class with the name afsoc. Kinda sucks, and what's worse is the new heli's control is the worst out of all of em because of new rate.
  3. Anotha one. I'll miss ya man. Pop bye for a hello every now and then.
  4. Basically with everything on the server. (Sometimes) Like yesterday's event people were mingey as fuck, screaming over each other and teamkilling for the lols. I mean I'm down if people didn't act like wasted 4 year olds.
  5. Name: Ace Mistry Rank: Commander Reason (If its personal just put personal): Working from 2 pm to 11 pm on that day. I promise to speak with a USAF Officer to get details of what was discussed at the meeting ( Put Understood or U): U
  6. ump and mp baton. I know the baton isnt a gun but its still op.
  7. Bhoppping is cancer.
  8. I know I haven't been active as much as I once was and that's not because I wasn't enjoying the server, but because of college and having a job as well. This LOA though is because I am not enjoying the server right now. Everytime I get on its either complaining and/or fighting about something that there really shouldn't be a fight on. Like I dont play video games for headaches and bad vibes. So I've decided to take a 1 week LOA as a mental break in hopes of regaining my love for the server and the community. Also in hopes of the server improving even if it is slight. I will still attend meetings through TS during the LOA.
  9. Carlson I'll miss you man. We've had some really amazing times on the server. I do understand how you feel and I'm sure a lot of other people do to. I hope I can see you again in the future in milrp or elsewhere. Love you man.
  10. I think thats fair. The main thing is people that wont or arent able to pay have options cause thats whats gonna keep pop up, which is needed during the school year.
  11. Have you seen people hopping around max speed with a prestige? Also its just making the level requirement lower. 50 is still a pretty hard grind for a school kid or anyone really.
  12. + Support for all the reason stated above. Buying the level booster and having those extra skill points is already a huge bonus. You get HP, Armor, Regen, Speed. All of those combine to one seriously op person especially with gmods hitboxes. Lots of people that play gmod are usually very young and cant pay for anything on the server, and with school, level 100 is ages away. I think lowering the level requirement to 50 keeps the grind in place while keeping it possible to reach that point without having to spend money that you may not have. If this is about money then that feels kinda shitty but I get it, you need money to keep the servers up. Think of it this way, with a far more fair ways to get better classes more people would play and try to grind there, with more people on the server then you can get more new players coming in who would be willing to pay.