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  1. Please give me an update on this LOA. - USAF AFASC VCMDR Ace Mistry
  2. This part hurts my head. You telling me you wanted to test something that could've crashed the server, while people were on, possibly ruining server pop for the day, and did not have permission from at least a super admin? If you really thought it was an issue, then you should've told someone higher up about it or at the very least test it at a dead time. I get your intentions were good but damn dude.
  3. Star: Didn't know the man as he was always at football practice Ecks fucking dee. Love you Danny. - Not Ace
  4. will you still be here for the meeting today?
  5. We have been asking for better helis forever. This is another one of those "soon" cases like the map.
  6. You were here and now you are gone. Bye.
  7. Honestly its not something that needs immediate attention. Just something that happens once in a while and is easily dealt with.
  8. You were here and now you're gone.
  9. Thursday meetings are not mandatory anymore due to the school year starting. This was said in the last officer meeting. Although, keep an eye on the forums if a mandatory meeting does come up.
  10. I almost died laughing.