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  1. + Support Many Reasons Above
  2. Thanks for your kind words about SGT Warcub, Jack! I will be looking into his performance and might be rewarding him for this. ~Captain Tim Brown 1L68
  3. Name: Captain Tim Brown 1L68 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:148816513 Current rank: Captain How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are): 1 Month and 12 Days (October 25 - Present) Rank Wanted: Major How many warns do you have? 2 Do you have a Working mic? Yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): Assistant Chief Dane | Deputy Chief Bob Bob | Chief Kitty | Why should you be promoted? : Major. A rank of great passion and honor. A stepping stone to high command. A rank earned by only the truly dedicated Captains. A rank that felt so far away so long away, yet a rank that I am so close to that I will do anything in my power to achieve it. I believe that I deserve the rank of Major due to my professionalism while on the job and continuing respect towards the Police Department, as well as all other departments. I have always shown great respect towards all ranks in the Police Department, especially my higher-ups. As my time as a Captain, I feel that I have exceeded the expectations that were set for me. I have gained knowledge for various aspects of command including how to handle certain situations, how to properly conduct and participate in Police Meetings, how to take care of officers who are overstepping their boundaries, as well as officers who are overachievers and deserve a reward. I have had to talk to many officers for many different reasons, whether it be a good talk or a bad talk, after our conversion, the officer has learned a very valuable lesson. As many of you know, there has been a new system put in place by high command, being the Partnering System. This system states that if there is 10 Police on the job, every officer should have someone to ride along with. As a Captain, I tried my best to enforce this system every time I was on the server. Despite my efforts, there are still officers either unaware of this system, or ignoring this system. As a Major, I will continue enforcing this rule and if needed, further punish officers who are repeat offenders of not following the system. On the topic of ride alongs, I have recently seen Patrol Officers patrolling on foot. This is unacceptable. Patrol officers who patrol on foot are vulnerable to being kidnapped and in addition, are not learning anything from their commanding officers which leads to further problems. Any officer above the rank of Senior Patrol Officer is required to take a Patrol Officer on a ride along if he/she is in need of one. Yet I still see some officers ignoring those in need of a ride along. As a Captain, I was able to take care of this problem pretty well. Whether that meant me personally taking that officer on a ride along, having another officer take the ride along, or punishing officers who refused to take others on ride alongs. Another prominent problem that I see very often is officers who are not in TeamSpeak while on duty. It is required for every officer to be in TeamSpeak in order to be easily contacted if needed, have increased combination with fellow officers, and be updated if anything happens. I have been conducting random TeamSpeak checks in order to keep every officer on their best and to make sure they are following the guidelines. If I come across an officer who is not in TeamSpeak, I normally give them about a minute to get in it before I have a talk with them. If I were to come across an officer who I constantly find to not be in TeamSpeak, I explain to that officer the importance of being in it and give them a punishment if needed. Officers unable to follow traffic laws has also been a big problem recently. If citizens see our officers speeding and running stop lights, they will do the same. Officers should understand that we influence the acts of our citizens. If we don’t follow the traffic laws while on duty, they won’t follow the traffic laws in their everyday life. One last point I want to touch on is trading cadets. Our sergeants and higher have been doing very well in regards to training cadets. I feel that I have a part in the change. I, along with other command members, have been working hard to punish any officers who refuse to do their duties and train cadets. If and when they do get along to training said cadet, they train incorrectly or improperly. When I take on the duty to train a cadet, I go that extra mile to ensure the soon to be officer has no problems while he/she is out on patrol. I also take the newly trained officer on a ride along and if I’m unable to do so, I make sure a trusted officer takes said officer on a ride along and report back to me how the officer performed. If the newly trained officer has any confusions, firstly I clear those confusions and then make sure to talk more about that point in my next training. For those actions whilst I was a Captain, I feel that I deserve the rank of Major. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command (Yes/No): Yes
  4. No thanks for the boyos that sang to you jk jk HAPPY BDAY BILLY
  5. Bambob looks like the kind of person who would say "WHERES THE ROLEPLAY!" Calm down its a joke
  6. Munchies, I suggest taking an LOA to clear your mind and just lay back and play on other servers you enjoy. Hopefully you decide to stay in command.