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  1. Didnt even hear castle say a word to bryce. Also why didnt you just drag him by pressing E? instead of standing there get him in a car and drag him into PD. It really isnt that hard. KEEP RPING IT OUT FOR ONCE.
  2. ohhhh ok, no more gas spam then
  3. 1 gas does a lot what are you talking about lmao
  4. It doesn’t represent tear gas when that’s the main cause of death of criminals when there are plenty of tac units and government officials that can easily overrun someone with a negev. Most gov officials have awps novas and whatnot which are very good weapons aswell. And you guys get an extra 100 armor depending on who you are. Extra 50-100 armor.
  5. Teargas irl doesn’t kill people. Tear gas can be used for crowd control and stuff it doesn’t kill unlike the mustard gas does. Plus it’s not fair when every crim gets gassed in every situation (banks gas stations bases) gas is used in every situation where tac units decide not to push in and decide hey let’s just kill them with gas because why not. There needs to be a change to gas. In no way is gas fair at all when we literally die to it within seconds K but teargas isn’t meant to kill it’s meant to disorientate. And 2-6 gasses will kill criminals instantly and there’s no challenge for cops. And obviously everyone that mains government doesn’t care because they are winning at the end of the day.
  6. Kiki

    FBI Gang Unit

    There’s already too many tac units
  7. Kiki

    FBI Gang Unit

    I thought it was FBI becoming a tac unit that colesoft wants lmao