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  1. They get mad when I’m in crim lol
  2. -support people were shooting therefore negotiations were off. and there were more than enough people to throw gas I dont think he should have gassed a hostage though. i guess there was no other option since you cant negotiate if people are just going to shoot at you.
  3. If you were already punished for 40 warns doesnt make sense that you got that minge again. and he randomly gave you a minge that he shouldnt have done.
  4. When we die from gas, and then tac units move in after we are all dead. What’s even the point in playing as crim lol
  5. Kiki

    New headset

    My ears were to small for those
  6. There are shootouts have always been a thing lol. Now it just saves 10 minutes if our lives.
  7. Kiki

    Johny Staff Report

    He needs a talking to
  8. Kiki

    Gas.... again

    This isn't balanced lol.