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  1. What you want to see? - cc's able to spawn money silos Why should we add it? - because cc's are criminals too they should be able to spawn money silos like the bloods and crips. What are the advantages of having this? - cc owners can spawn money silos with their blood friends Who is it mainly for? - cc owners Links to any content - na?
  2. BigJohnny

    Minge Appeal

    It’s pinned on the appeal center, and if there’s no video evidence of anything then nothing can be done if you wanted to report it. You also have to follow format if you want anything to be done.
  3. I +support that make it a suggestion
  4. BigJohnny

    Minge Appeal

    -support no format no evidence
  5. +supoort its worse then the ravine on the old map because the car is actually underwater
  6. Is a great PD command member and is very friendly to lower ranking officers and helps them out
  7. BigJohnny

    Penguin FailRP

    I don’t really want him punished I just want him to learn how to deal with hostage situations as I have had multiple issues with srt complying with the hostage takers. But if it does require a punishment for him to learn how to deal with hostage situations then I would like a punishment issued in srt.
  8. That is true though, I think it should have been a verbal tbh. From what I see on his side is that he wanted to make sure that staff wasn’t going to pull him up into a sit for randomly shooting a cop when he was actually busting out his friend from the cops. He didn’t have the intent to break the rule it was just a misunderstanding. Not every case has to be dealt with a warn.