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  1. @Tim Brown @shayanmirza2005 @Finch @Munchies @Chad B @Hooplaa @Matthew
  2. I miss you man. I’ll be back tomorrow!
  3. Being a command member gives you many responsibilities, one being a role model to the whole department, your current/previous actions have not shown that. Get a little more mature and learn the rules about PD and the server. Also do not reply to your own app.
  4. MAJOR +SUPPORT ALERT SUPER ACTIVE SUPER NICE SUPER DEDICATED TO PD STAFF MEMBER(Knows the rules) Matthew is a great guy in every way. He helps out officers, trains cadets, and dedicates many hours off duty to help create the department we have today. Thank you for your service. You deserve this promotion. +Support
  5. +/- Support -Don’t really see you on CPT honestly +Good guy, decent time as CPT Overall, I would like to see you dedicate yourself a little more to PD. I don’t see you on CPT. Major is a huge promotion, your time as CPT is good but I just want to see more activity and a little more involveness into PD. Good Luck though!
  6. +/-Support +Semi Active -Get to know other Command a bit more, you can find us in the Low Command TS! -Not enough time as LT Overall, I don’t think you are ready for captain just yet. I would like for you to spend a little more time with Command members, attend PD meetings, and overall just show that you are a valuable asset to the Command Team. I have seen you on so that is good, but I think you are moving a little too fast in ranks. Good Luck though!
  7. LOL today we had a Tahoe on top of a charger, literally on top of it XD
  8. Everyone loves the new radar guns, adds to the RP. Usually you'll find me at the entrance to Outskirts from Spawn/Hospital running radar because everyone loves to speed down that road(35MPH zone) and break the stop sign. Usually i will try to have other officers there as well, so basically lots of units partake in the Pull Overs XD
  9. Tom Brown

    Chad's CPT App

    Major +Support Super Active Super Mature Super Friendly Current Staff Member(Knows the rules) One of the best LT's we have Deserves a promotion Overall, Chad is just super. He takes pride in his job and helps out the Police Department in various ways. Good Luck!
  10. Tom Brown


  11. i would be on it 24/7 if i had a better PC lol