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  1. Matthew

    New Guns For PD!!!

    Cough Cough high command is a tac unit on steroids now...
  2. Overall +Support Active in-game Active in TS Great SM Fit for low command Application could use more effort Forums activity could improve
  3. Matthew

    Kitty's LOA

    Have a good one!
  4. Hello! Noot, Bob bob, Kitty and Snar, our high command members, has changed almost all the PD weapons. Get in-game and check them out! Thanks high command!!! This is only what you spawn with!!! OFC- P250 SNR- P250, MP5 LCPL-P250, MP5 CPL- P250, MP5 SGT- P250, M4A1, MP5 MSGT- P250, M4A1, MP5 SM - P250, M4A1, MP5 LT - P250, M4A4, MP5 CPT - P250, M4A4, MP5 MAJ - P250, M4A4, MP5, XM1014 COL - P250, M4A4, MP5, XM1014
  5. I need to improve overall activity...I think you just joined the community if I am not mistaken....^^
  6. -Support Not Active In-Game Not Active in Teamspeak App could use a little more effort Moderate amount of warns
  7. -Support Not Active In-Game (Maybe Time Zones) Not Active in TeamSpeak (Maybe Time Zones) Don't see training cadets (Maybe Time Zones) Don't see helping officer's (Maybe Time Zones) App Could use a lot more effort (Little to no effort into App.) Overall, I don't know anything about you but remembering you in the summer. I personally can not trust you with the rank of LT. If I see you at the mandatory training, Friday at 4pm EST doing a good job then I maybe change my mind. Improve activity.
  8. Matthew

    Rule Question

    Yes the fence also counts as KOS/AOS, only if your standing on it, as it being property of the government and you don't have permission to be on.
  9. Matthew

    Rule Question

    The person is on top of a government building, which is a KOS/AOS zone if in and past the barrier and or front desk, which also means the person can be shot or arrested. Because he is on top of the Government building without permission in a KOS/AOS zone.