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  1. Name: Husk Rank: 1lt Reason: birthday
  2. Ingame Name: USAF AFSOC COL LTCMp Husk Job Name: Classified #00 Server: MilRp Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:71028542 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:71028542
  3. imma miss you raised you since pvt ;-;
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------ In-game name (in full): USAF AFSOC COL LTCMp Husk Are you part of or own a custom class?: Yes The character that you are applying for: Austin Brosky Did you read the characters info?: Yes What do you personally like about the character?: I like that he is inappropriate which i relate to because of how i am at school. I like that he is from Houston Texas where i was born and raised with pride. I believe that I am a good team leader like him but i wouldn't know if you would agree and i'm always trying to finish my job and will do anything to do it to the best of my ability Are you sure you want to play as his character?: Yes Constantly Tell me why you like about the character and why would you like to roleplay as part of Alpha, Zulu? (50 words or more): I would like to role play as this person because of the fact that i would like to help do other kinds of role play scenarios and get to be able to be a part of something special and i would also like to be able to be role playing with a team that was assigned and not just regimental because as this i would have a certain team that i would get to know over time and that i would be able to bond with over the role play. I like this character because i can relate to him by the way i am in school and the way that i play in game and as him i would be able to bring my team leadership up furthermore making my experience on milrp a lot more appealing to me and as this person i like how there is a backstory of sorts making me more interested in the character. Do you understand that the purpose of getting on this job is to role play not just to be in a custom class?: Yes i understand. ------- --------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Yote Husk

    Husks Update

    I have been busy last week and will be busy this week until friday where i hope i can get on and if i cant ill update this post
  6. Name: Husk Rank: LTC Reason (If personal just put personal): Football If you can can you move it up one hour so i could attend i get out of football at 6 cst
  7. FAILED TRYOUTS Reapply In A Week For Another Chance To Join MAJCOM
  8. Yote Husk

    Husks Update

    I haven't been on very much this week but as of now i will be able to get on earlier due to not having football practice for Thursday and Friday i might not be able to get on during labor day due to football practice and i might be able to go to the meeting rn i dont know
  9. im a staff for mil rp but i just never got the tags and im not a doner mod
  10. imma miss you my boy ;-;