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  1. ^^^^ some ways to get pop up: tell your friends about CWRP and get them to join (unless you're invaliff and have no friends xd) put an advertisement in the chatbox (DONT SPAM) ping your battalion's discord to get them on!
  2. have fun (if you are, the reason is private) on your excused inactiveness
  3. another one of the CWRP vets bites the dust :(((((((((( rip in egg my man
  4. bye dad ;( also im not a rotten egg you e g g
  5. good luck my egg! if you get GA make me admiral
  6. also some extra stuff: has done well as admiral, he's helped with making me CMO, therefore helping the medical team as a whole he also has a good amount of experience! good luck! (also igneous my b hurry up with that GA app xd)
  7. silly egg respond to the messages inactive egg
  8. oh man nooooo you were a good GM and great person, sad to see you go could you dm me why you're leaving? anyways, thanks for all you've done as GM! Sincerely, Science the Egg, xd.
  9. lol bravo dead nah jk feel better my egg