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  1. Hard to do when people aren't told. Enjoy your evening.
  2. No thanks. From the treatment I received trying to explain thing, I feel that my time is better wasted elsewhere. This thread can be locked now, since there's no reasoning.
  3. Except I went to a walk in training. Not applied. But thanks for that sarcasm Kade. Appreciated.
  4. Kade, I was NEVER given discord or told about the forum section. But if I'm supposed to be psychic then you're looking at the wrong person.
  5. Why, after 5 months of activity and nothing being said to me or Keuka, do we get our whitelists stripped and lose all our work, because we were not told about Discord, roll calls, or sign ins? And then to have Maral sitting there telling us it's all our fault and how irresponsible we are, for not being psychic and knowing about all this. Telling me I'm irresponsible 20+ times and how it's nobodies fault but mine when my trainer never told me and neither have any of the EMS I have been working with? I get told, oh you have to go reapply and be retrained. Why? What's the point in doing all that work again, when losing my whitelist was NOT my fault. This lack of information just lost at least three EMS that I saw and probably more. I found it highly disrespectful to be told how it's all my fault and I'm irresponsible and that Tigers never tried to get it sorted out. I just instantly lose my whitelist. @Keuka
  6. Wow we went back in time a month! Haha, congrats guys, welcome to SWAT.
  7. Sounds fantastic, I'd love to help if I may. We need more RP like this! Makes the server a better place.
  8. Wow lol. XD How much time did that take?
  9. Hah yeah, feel free to share your own weird screenshots from PoliceRP.
  10. I think we all need driving lessons.
  11. Do me and find another RP type that you like and try it out. Or do TTT for some good old fashioned Gmod fun.
  12. Poor Tom. Heh. Better driver than Rhenic! Heehee.