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  1. IG Name: Blake/Aaron hotcher Link to Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/2560463045/ How many warnings do you have: 36 i think What departments are you in and what rank: FBI Assistant Director, Head Dispatcher, Secret Service Deputy Special Agent in Charge Why do you want to be EMS(150 Words Minimum): I woud like to join EMS as i use to be in EMS about 3 months ago, and i enjoyed playing with other EMS reviving dead body and the whole aspect of rping to revive body find out why they are dead and most i impotently transporting sick patients to the Hospital and Rping out medical treatment for them i also i would like to be ems as it is a department with command who are friendly and i think thtas key i the department to keep the people with in the department Happy and occupied, i would also like to join ems as its a happy department and loads of people would like to be apart of it so if i were to join i would be able to show players and more importunately Departments that look im changing look i can be trusted with things and joining ems is the first step to me being able to do so.
  2. +/- Support - Sorta Active that could improve + support hes a niceish guyy + support knows what hes doin
  3. Oh god the bit coins are turning on us
  4. Pending I shall speak to other command See what they think
  5. HUGE + SUPPORT Video clearly shows him taking his own sit It also shows him abusing his powers to move Steve Also, an FBI agent agrees that Robby is abusing. In my opinion, you should be demoted down to trial mod and retrained(or whatever you guys do)
  6. + support The admin showed no proof SOOOO basically If Andrew arrested you for being in the same gang then thats fine i think my FBI agent did what was needed and he would not have done it with out a valid reason Phil And Andrew have some Beef going on so i think that they should try to avoid each other The Admin Should show the Moderator Evidance as i have been told by admins JMT Sen mods that if theres no evidance then fuck all can be done
  7. +/- Support I only have 2 conserns The Billy's Key card Scanner Would it cause lag for the server?? ANd Same with the CCTV System Would it cause lag If not then im fully 100% + Support
  8. +support Hes nice kind and knows how to run a department good luck