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  1. +/- support You are a great person who enjoys this server You are responsible as a captain I am very against cheaters and think they should not be here I do think you made a dumb mistake but you do need time to think. If this gets denied use that time to think what you’ve done wrong This is wayyy to early to apply as you just got the ban today. Best of luck, -Vikander
  2. Andy, I can’t believe you’ve done this. You are a great man and I know you can fix it yourself. I has a average kid can still drop a 30 kill war or higher. My friend Andy practice is key to winning. You are a really cool guy and I’ve seen you grew to a CPT. I’ve always thought you were a great sniper and a great point man but I was wrong. Cheats were used and they were there. Remember cheats aren’t a way to go but skill is. Look at professional gamers they don’t use cheats they practice weeks and days. And if you dedicate to the server you will get more better you get more practice. Good luck on your appeal and I am sorry. -Vikander
  3. Plz add John I am poor :((((
  4. Vikander

    More money

    What you want to see? - making more money options Why should we add it? - Ya boy and another a bunch of other boys go broke cuz ipthey buy tanks helis and drones and atv’s plz add more ways to make money yo boi ain’t getting paid a lot What are the advantages of having this? - So new players don’t need to worry about money Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - Caf is greedy has 400 mil only gives 1/1000 to me
  5. -Support -TK’s people who talk something a little bad about SZ -Mean -Power hungry
  6. -support No 2 officers bad Application
  7. Nice sweat shirt ya got there
  8. I am out of Sweden boiz I can get on 24/7 now. Swden was lit with my cousin
  9. RUAF ain’t lacking btw. Still strong