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  1. Yea I’ll try my best to come back when school is ova
  2. Ye everytime I go there are like 5 us in a lounge or ops room
  3. When I resigned skybox went higher... R.I.P
  4. I am going to resign from my position of LTC. School is coming and I can’t get on as easily as there is not much people in MilRP due to school and i find it pretty boring as we always outnumber the US. Due to this I will resign. Hope you all have a great day/night reading this. Here are some people to mention Stalin : Really kind and nice guy who has a similar personality as pokimane Awg : Probably the best CMDR I’ve had in my gaminglight experience. Krimson : Didn’t see him that much but still was a great and awesome General when he was on Richard : A really dedicated CMDR that tries to get on most of the time and was a great leader and a great CMDR and friend. (Deserves BG) Arnold Duck : Probably one of the kindest and the best general i’ve ever had aside with Reborn and Colt45. (Sucks to see you go as well) Matrices : Best leader ever. Sucked that you had to resigned and you came back starting as a MAJ and your building back your BG position back keep up the leadership! Senior : Best staff ever and was very nice even though he was US. Racoonman : Was here when you were CPT you were a pretty cool guy until I hit my high ranks pretty fast started to take me negatively. P.S if I didn’t mention your name I don’t hate you I just probably forgot because there was a lot of people to remember. -Vikander
  5. I am leaving rump as I have more duties on RUAF
  6. Bad application bad answers -support
  7. Your In-Game Name: Jax Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:236996959 Staff member's In-Game Name: Meh Umbrella Corp What did they do? Meh, Falsely warned me as the issue was already dealt without a first verbal. He also took a sit by himself without anyone or staff calling the sit. Clearly in handbook Moderators cannot take sits by them selves and must be called by a staff member them selves or a player that is having a issue. The warn reason is player diss but I actually department dissed once. Also the player diss issue was also dealt with by another staff member. I do not believe this Moderator should not be in Moderator he has clearly not read all of the handbook and only read it for his application for the answers. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? A strike or possibly a demotion
  8. Have you tried 32 bit download or 64 but download?
  9. Well I mean you can always cyka blyat rush them with ur ATV but tbh tho Garry’s mod broken and hopefully new map coming soon with not much head glitch spots
  10. 1. Name (What will go on top) Jax 2. Bottom (Normally VIP, VIP+, or Staff. Can be something else. Nothing longer than 15 characters NSA (red) 3. best way to contact you (Forums PM, Discord, Email) Forums PM Second request (don’t have to I am fine if you can’t) 1. Name (What will go on top) Vikander 2. Bottom (Normally VIP, VIP+, or Staff. Can be something else. Nothing longer than 15 charactors LTC (black) 3. best way to contact you (Forums PM, Discord, Email) Forums PM (Optional would be greatly appreciated but if you can’t I understand.)