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  1. Ill try to attend the meeting. This week i can pop up for like an hour only so
  2. +support -How do you do it though -Add's RP
  3. Happy bday have a good one
  4. The current system might get removed so I guess it will be the same?
  5. What you want to see? - New bitcoin system Why should we add it? - The current one I suppose not that fun to grind but building a PC dedicated to bitmining is more realistic and more fun. What are the advantages of having this? - More RP and more fun Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - (Tested it it is amazing)
  6. -Support -OFC’s walking around with military grade Nigel the Negev -Not needed -Useless
  7. I want VIP for GL but most likely vbucks cus thats what my parents buy me
  8. I have nothing in PRP pls donate
  9. I can do Friday. Can't get on weekdays this week.
  10. Vikander

    One last cry

    We are in a setting in America. Not in the UK. ARU was always irrelevant and they always have fast cars on the first rank and op honey badgers. They should get a massive nerf. Same with the good old military rp debate there was one kid saying “BRING BACK NAVY!!” And other side “Don’t bring it back” Again, Navy was irrelevant due to a different location. You’re in a god damn desert. (Not current MRP map changed) Why was ARU brought back? Really. Not just “Bring it back it was good and cool” Think about the setting not yourself. Even if ARU stays permanently new players will be like “Why is there a British Department in an American based city?” Which will obviously make the new player wonder is this community okay? If SMT is going to add updates without notice at least make a public poll if everyone wants it or not. Once again I am not against ARU just stating my opinion. I was actually hyped for ARU. Until I saw the cars and equipment. -Retired RUAF ADF AFI LTC Vikander/Trooper Flock 1T
  11. +SUPPORT -As I drift a lot and always speed (even on gov jobs) I usually fall in the water which kinda annoys me. -Prevents a waste of admins time (Going through adding buddy list) -I can stop worrying dropping in the water
  12. +SUPPORT -It would be amazing if as a gun dealer you can sell stuff online for example a guy wants a AK47 and he orders it online. Gun dealer can charge online. Fast and secured! And gun dealer would ship it like amazon would. -Add fake social media -It would increase RP -Lag though
  13. I’d like a rework if it Yes. This one expensive af I can barely afford a max bitcoin rack
  14. +/-Support -I can see lag worse lag -Can be easily abused +Useful +Brings more RP