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  1. +support I’ll always see him but try and be on when an command member is on and be in TS and active in Discord -SAIC Jack Sull
  2. Or make them have a major upgrade on what they make
  3. I understand what u mean sometime the departments need to follow what they do in real life, also I agree with u
  4. Why do we have ARU when we have SRT, CAT and SWAT why don’t we have new departments like IA or CIA that investigates government for SOP breakers, also why have so many TAC units when we only have 1 investigation (VIP is needed) this also stops people from doing what they want. This is not a rant this is my opinion on adding more TAC and it just seems to be people in their that like telling others what to do (no fun/lack of RP) this leads to instant shoot outs, also it would be more enjoyable for players to have the opportunity to be a detective and let FBI do what they really do in real life. this can be done by making a class for PD as a detective that will bring evidence to the court if he/she broke the law, also FBI can be used if they broke any federal laws. Before any starts saying I’m ranting I’m only saying what my opinion is and we have the right to in the community to help the staff know what people want, also suggest what you want to see and don’t cause any arguments it’s only for people to say what they think. also if you have nothing good to say and insist on being horrible to people don’t comment.
  5. jackrhyssull

    Well done PD

    This call out is for SGT Warcub 1D51 for following FBI commands and leading PD as lead officer on a huge sting, also he should be higher he is one of the best in PD and he lead it to a success. -FBI SSA Jack Sull KGB23
  6. What you want to see? - the pc in government cars to be useable so we can remove the car tags, also get rid of the big red wanted over peoples heads. Why should we add it? - this will make RP more real and will make government jobs better and it stops big letters on your scene and cause less lag for players. this will also stop people from shooting at all Government officials and implement a stronger RP in the server, also this will also help staff by having less sits due to they will have legal reasons to arrest them. What are the advantages of having this? - no meter gaming, stops accidentally RDM/RDA and this will make all departments more active and rewarding, also this will help SS and FBI when in unmarked cars due to people can run up to the car and see their name so they know they a member of government. Who is it mainly for? - players, staff and all government roles. Links to any content - this mod was visible on Santso RP
  7. jackrhyssull


    Can we remove tags off cars because people run up to them and know right away if the a Government member, also this can be fixed by downloading a mod that has number plates readers that pull up the name of the person and if they are wanted. This can also get rid of the wanted sign on peps heads to help with RP sack. -FBI SSA Jack Sull
  8. Some people tend to prop block or shout down mic at us then call staff then it turns in to a shouting contest and people tend to minge at scene and then staff are called by us No PD high command and FBI high command are different it is our job to investigate and make a case, also it help prove someone innocent or guilty of alleged crime if u get me. This also stops false arrests in the long run Not flexing I’ll try harder next time , also making it clear to peps so they understand we are only helping them and doing our job
  9. If FBI say crime scene PD will block it off and PD will call FBI to investigate bases after raids, also for any CIVs you will be AOS if you go passed the line so let’s make this clear don’t call staff if PD has told you to leave it’s good for u to obey them. Staff will say FBI can investigate after crime is over so don’t call staff they’ll say the same as me (it’s a RP server so RP), also this will save time and make staff able to deal with more serious matters. TAC units can also call FBI for agents to look at a crime it’s FBI job to investigate, also by making a scene will end up on you getting warned so follow the rules and help out when u can. also you can call for an investigation if you are arrested but this can only be done if there is FBI SA+ active, this means there will be a court case if there is a judge active so don’t waste FBI and PD time it’s also a crime. -FBI SSA Jack Sull KGB23
  10. I maybe busy over the weekend I’ll try and see if I can get on thanks anyway
  11. I don’t like doing traffic stops I find it not fun and state have a nice uniform and I don’t like PD too many staff sits, also I don’t want to join state I’m a one department type of guy
  12. I’m not that’s me stating the truth some people don’t like it
  13. jackrhyssull

    Staying in FBI

    This is FBI SSA Jack Sull KGB23 i have decided I’ll be staying in FBI due to I think it will benefit command due to I can help them out with keeping control on anyone lower than me, also I don’t want to leave until I know that FBI have been made the strongest department on the server. i will also be pushing on trying to get into low command due to I think I can change how we run and impove the training of our agents, also I would inforce more of an punishment for those that betrays command and those that brake our SOP. also I will be taking less crap of our agents due to the higher you are the more you should know also don’t go to low command find your SSA or a SAIC if none are active so they can bring it to their higher ups (don’t PM command unless told to) i will also be reporting more information to IA or my higher up if anything goes wrong, also don’t quit the game when you are given orders unless you told the guy in command first because if I low command I will be punishing everyone that does and the higher up u are the harsher the punishment will be. thanks all FBI SSA Jack Sull KGB23