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  1. Ik that woke me up darnit Blitzton
  2. -Support - have link to his steam account instead of steam id -grammatical errors and spaced the format weird -little to no effort on the app
  3. Chibi Family Information Written by Mika Chibi “We are all like fireworks. We climb, shine, and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even if that time comes, let’s not disappear like a firework, and continue to shine forever.” Happy moments, sad moments… We can’t share all of them. But whenever possible we will shoulder it together. That's the true meaning of a family. An individual’s happiness is everyone’s happiness. An individual wrath is everyone’s wrath. And an individual’s tears are everyone’s tears.   The Chibi's will do their best to attempt rp before killing a cop. But if that shouldn't arise we will seek rp out with you if you aren't a minge.  CODE OF CONDUCT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-99q5b9bI0py566EqnfAMNJMUMsOfvVxAlqLwSljGEg ROSTER: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wiTNhLZL9mv0xQIHYbC9Fzkpy5DAwkq69-4v4f6eERs Rules Of Engagement: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-H7KecXwYvdMmhGa96unbL5dDELPqA3foJU-RAFZzjY Application Format (post in replies): In Game Name: 1. Steam ID: 2. Number of Warns (give proof or it will be instantly denied): 3. Why do you want to be a Chibi? (The (more the better) 4. Did anyone recommend you? 5. Are you able to RP and PvP well? 6. Were you a Yuki? Please note Chibis you are held to the same expectations as staff reason for this we are always looked at we are a projection of power  All Former Yukis will be instantly accepted and openly welcomed into the Chibi family. Also don’t lie I have a roster of all the former Yukis and I know who is and who isn’t a Yuki. Lying on the app will result in instant Denied
  4. Scum of the earth huh? I’m a little hurt
  5. Mika

    ban appeals

    -Support -Chargeback isn’t being a minge it’s a lot more serious than that -Seems more like a pity party than an appeal -Not much effort with quite a few grammatical mistakes meaning he probably didn’t take time to sit down and think about what he was writing
  6. Hannah you treat us like we are your kids it’s that level of respect and caring you had for us back in the Yukis. I agree with everything she has said so far. #YukiMom
  7. umm.. its not.. nobody is gonna have anime models... its just a family like every other family... rude
  8. Exactly we don’t care about the meaning or the beef we just like the name and think it’s catchy. With the beef, we honestly don’t care how much you guys talk smack we don’t care about that. Someone also claimed the Yukis ruined the community, which isn’t true at all it was a combination of many factors. A single family is not able to completely ruin a community it’s a matter of good staff and minges, which we arent all minges using Hannah and myself as an example. Thank you BrycE
  9. Amen preach! Leave our beef in the past. We are at our lowest right now so the only direction we can go is up from here
  10. Mika


    I’m thinking about joining AnimeRP but I wanted to make sure it was decently fun first. Post your opinions on AnimeRP below and tell me how ya like it
  11. I was one of the founders of the King family so I know how it feels to transition from the Yukis to a completely new family. Really the only reason I left the King family was that I wanted to not be arrested for association every time something happened but I get it.
  12. Also before you repost something James, at least take the time to fix the horrible grammar
  13. That was only because Asuna was leading us we are low without several mingey people that contributed to the ban occurring What’s the fun in that?
  14. I’m already typing down an entire informational post, SOP, rules of engagement, everything, already finished the roster everything is good to go we just need your approval to do this. Also Asuna has no say anymore as he no longer owns the family name. We have completely new owners (me and Hannah) and we won’t minge like Asuna did. We promise on our little anime hearts. (Me and Hannah’s hearts) So.. +Support